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JY & Sons Veterans Village Taguig City, Taguig, Philippines


Greystone Asia Resources, Inc is a Trading / Engineering company that sources various plumbing, mechanical and electrical equipment from around the world. In today's Globalized economy, we are able to connect projects directly to the manufacturers of their required materials - eliminating costly and inefficent middlemen. Together with our sister company, Dartex LTd. Hong Kong - which is located in Hong Kong, the world's hub for trade sourcing. Dartex Ltd. Has over 60 years of sourcing experience. Our product lines include plumbing / piping. Mechanical Equipment, Electrical Equipment, Flooring and finishing materials. Architectural cladding. Our subsidiary, Greystone Enersol engages in the import, trade, design and installation of various sustainable, energy efficient and economical solutions such as HVAC, Solar Photovoltaic Systems, Energy Audit studies, Water distribution systems and other greentech. Greystone Asia Resources, understands the importance of being concerned about our environment. We believe that it is everyone's duty to do their part to ensure that we leave the earth in a better state than what we inherited. On the other hand, we also understand the importance of balancing our passion for sustainable engineering with economics. Greystone EnerSol is proud to be able to balance both. Providing energy efficient solutions that have attractive returns of investment, we aim to design a system that fits both your energy, and investment appetite. We are looking for passionate and like-minded people to join our team!

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