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Fuji Industries Manila Corporation

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RBF-F. Road, Lot 15, First Philippine Industrial Park, SEZ, Sto. Tomas, 4234, Batangas, Philippines






About Fuji Industries Manila Corporation

Since its establishment in 1957, Fuji Industries Corporation has been a manufacturer specializing in rubber parts for automotive components, small and precision rubber parts for gas equipment, hydraulic/pneumatic control systems, and other industrial rubber parts. Presently, our customers are mainly in the Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka areas. Now, we are actively expanding our overseas operations in Asia, United States of America and Europe.

Our main products are rubber seals such as injector O-rings and actuator parts for fuel systems, and seals for automotive electronic components, gas equipment and control systems.

In August, 2006, we acquired TS16949 Certification. Through various preparation activities for the auditing, the quality level of our products improved by building a quality system and implementing more efficient operations. As a result, the quality of our products, production process and sales improved more than ever. In addition to quality improvement efforts, we are proactively promoting research and development activities on new materials, and technology development activities on rubber manufacturing process. We are committed to contribute to society through manufacturing and providing quality products that satisfy the customers’ expectation.

The first manufacturing plant was established in Dalian, China in 1994. This was followed by the operation of the Philippines plant located at First Philippine Industrial Park, Santo Tomas, Batangas, in 2004 and another plant in 2012. Expansions were established later on inside the Industrial Park simultaneous with compliance with acquired certifications under ISO 14001 and ISO/TS 16949. The Philippines' plant has also acquired Certificate of Compliance on General Labor Standards with the Department of Labor and Employment which was awarded by Labor Secretary Baldoz last October of 2014.

Today, the Company continues to manufacture and supply value added rubber products to the world-wide market.

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