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FEdCenter is a social enterprise providing finance education & training, events, & logistics support for the Financial Literacy Partners consortium.

The FEd Institute is establishing FEdCenters, initially in the Philippines. FEdCenters are start-up incubator type garage spaces: combining small rep offices, co-working spaces, study and test centers, meeting facilities, small event fora, and administrative facilities in a highly compact business center. The target stakeholders are those engaged in finance, ICT, innovation, sustainability, MSME, and start-up areas. The FEd Institute supports the commercial & expansion efforts of the Financial Literacy Partners, a consortium of private organizations with a common vision of financial literacy, financial integrity, and global competence as tools for economic progress in an inclusive and sustainable manner.

The Financial Literacy partners came about via the organization of The National Finance Education Week or FEdWeek, a week-long celebration on financial awareness and literacy in the country.

It was participated in by eight organizations (The Philippine Stock Exchange Inc., Investagrams, Wealth Educators Circle, FEdTalks, Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment, Finance Educators Association, Junior Confederation of Finance Associations – Philippines, and the Chamber of Finance Associations & Professionals). East West Educational Specialists and Hive Labs also partnered in FEdWeek 2016, which was also supported by the SEC, CHED, and the British Embassy.

This ground-breaking fete established a new brand of excellence in the field of finance education, providing a venue for upgrading the standards to global levels, and promoting harmony within different stakeholders in the industry.

With a theme, REVOLUTION, the FEdWeek 2016 held eight events from January 10 to January 20, participated in by over 10,000 students and teachers nationwide.

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