Evergreen Environmental Resources Incorporated

Alamat Kantor
Sta. Maria Industrial Park, Santa Maria, Philippines


Evergreen Environmental Resources, Incorporated (EERI) is a secondary lead (Pb) smelter with the capability to recycle lead (Pb) from lead (Pb)-bearing materials to produce high-purity (99.9% Pb) lead and alloys through smelting, melting, and refining operations. The primary raw material is spent lead-acid batteries, supplemented by other lead (Pb) and lead-bearing materials such as battery plant scrap, and other lead(Pb)-bearing materials like pipes, sheets, weights and cables including lead ores or concentrate.

EERI bought the technology from Lead Metals Technology – a Brazilian-Mexican leading provider of technology and equipment for the lead recycling industry. EERI and its technology will be best known for its Green Slag Technology. Through this technology, EERI will be able to produce lead products without the consequence of producing hazardous recycling residue commonly known as slag. Aside from this, EERI implements complete wastewater recycling such that the plant operates normally without discharge of its treated water.

These technologies, along with EERI personnel, is setting higher standard for a better, safer and more environment friendly recycling.

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