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The Leader in Growth Stage Financing In 2011, Esquire Financing Inc. was established under the Esquire Group to focus on the financing needs of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). By taking SME financing to a larger scale, EFI has redefined the industry to become the undisputed pioneer in SME funding in the Philippines and the country’s leader in growth stage financing. Within two years from its inception, EFI has helped more than 1,500 SMEs by offering them tailor-fit financial support to expand their businesses. The company is rapidly expanding by growing its workforce and sales pool as well as by setting up field offices across Metro Manila. EFI’s Vision, Mission, and Aim Vision: To be the global leader in growth stage financing and enhance economic development through emerging enterprises Mission: To equip emerging entrepreneurs with the right mindset, essential skills, and the necessary financial support to achieve sustainable business growth Aim: For clients to achieve success For our investors to enjoy above-market returns For our employees to have a productive and enjoyable working environment To empower our Sales Partners and Affiliates to create wealth Company’s Cornerstone: “EFI” Values Efficiency – We shall endeavor to optimize the effectiveness of our business operations through well-structured policies, the streamlining of procedures, and the standardization of methods. We shall work as a team in the development and innovation of processes that promote client convenience. Flexibility-- We shall, at all times, attempt to address and satisfy our clients’ needs. We shall remain tenacious and dynamic in all business proceedings and proactively approach our clients with value-added solutions. Integrity— We shall never engage in any business activity that is against the written law or its inherent intent and purpose. In every decision we make, we shall exercise strong ethical judgment based upon a consistent framework of principles. Profit shall, at all times, be sacrificed in favor of honesty and moral obligation. Products and Services EFI offers innovative products and services that are designed to help SMEs prime their businesses for sustainable growth and long term success. We offer clients a reliable partnership by sharing their vision of growth and by making processes efficient and convenient for them. Our products and services are: Non-collateral business loans - Hassle-free loan evaluation in 7 banking days or less - Loan amounts from PHP 100,000 to PHP 10,000,000 - Payment terms from 1 to 12 months - Minimal documentation requirements Additional working capital Consultancy on business and financial management, IT and corporate strategies Contributor to Economic Development Comprising approximately 90% of total registered businesses, contributing 25% of the country’s gross national product1, and generating employment for 70% of the country’s workforce, SMEs and their development are the backbone of the Philippine economy According to the 2010 Financial Access Survey, it is estimated that only 20% of registered small firms have access to loans from formal financial institutions due to hurdles caused by several intrinsic factors in our banking system. More specifically, these are: collateral requirements from banks, high minimum loan amounts, difficulty in restructuring loans, and limited access to information on alternate sources of funding. At EFI, we aim to bridge this supply-demand gap in SME financing by providing tailor-fit financial programs and consultancy to aid emerging entrepreneurs. By advocating for SME growth, we are helping in the advancement of a sector that can make the Philippine economy a driving force in Southeast Asia.

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