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Wanna change your life? Now, let’s start! About Us: ePost Educenter ePost Educenter provides Foreign language Education online, In-house training, intensive workshop and Corporate English Language assessment. We focus on giving people in business the opportunity to sharpen their skills and improve their performance in order to build positive, steady, and profitable results. Training PROGRAMS  BIZ SKILLS (P.T, Nego.,Biz Writing, Cross Culture)  TURNING POINT OF YOUR LIFE (Personality Development)  Supervisory skills  Training Skills booster! (Training for trainers)  Basic Leadership Skills What differentiates us from our competitors?  We offer proven Effective Training Programs that will bring 'positive Change' in any organization or individual.  We offer Authentic Korean food for lunch, we want you to enjoy a sumptuous lunch and have fun while learning. 1. TURNING POINT OF YOUR LIFE: (PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT) If you want to change your life, you have to change yourself first. How can we change our self? We can only change the way we think and our attitude. With this course, you will have personality growth so that you can change your life. The president of ePost Educenter will share the turning point of his life and how to develop your personality that will create a positive change in your life. 2. SUPERVISORY SKILLS TRAINING Productivity and profitability are dependent, in part, on the leaders of your organization. Our Successful Supervision series is designed for leaders, supervisors, managers, and directors who are new to supervision or who have not had formal supervision training. 3. TRAINING SKILLS BOOSTER: BASIC TO ADVANCED TRAINING FOR TRAINERS The program is great for new trainers, experienced trainers who have not had formal education in training, or those needing of a refresher to improve their classroom techniques and methods to transfer learning to work situations. - Public Seminar Schedule DATE TOPIC Duration PRICE 8/16/2014 Turning Point of your life 7 hours 5,000 ONLY 8/23/2014 Supervisory Skills training 7 hours 5,000 ONLY 8/30/2014 Training Skills Booster 7 hours 5,000 ONLY Promo 1 Early bird = 20% OFF Register 10 days earlier! 4,000 Only PROMO 2 Bring a friend = 30% OFF Invite your friends and register! 3,500 Only Time: 9:00AM – 5:00PM (12:00~1:00:Lunch Time) WE ALSO OFFER: 1. CARROT Farm - Live Online Language Education Visit us at: - Customized learning programs available in 14 different languages - 1:1 platinum classes available on-demand - Anytime! Anywhere! Global LMS system support for all learning programs - On-the job language programs for global business success - English, Japanese, German, French, Spain, Russian, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Korean, Chinese 2. SPAC Center - Global Communication Proficiency Evaluation Visit us at: - Virtual identification system to provide an objective evaluation - Tests open 24hrs - Various testing methods available (Virtual identification optional) 3. e-Book Center - Platform for self-learning Visit us at: - The CARROT E-book center features free speech analysis and recording functions - All E-books can be accessed by simply entering any ISBN number from a CARROT book - The CARROT E-book center offers a total self-learning environment to help you achieve your language goals Time: 9:00AM – 5:00PM (12:00~1:00: Lunch Time) Website: (Now, Visit our website for more info.) Tel #: (02)584-7151 / Email: [email protected] Address: 20th Floor, Strata 2000, Emerald Avenue, Pasig City

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