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A. About the Eastern Petroleum Corporation B. Company Background and History Eastern Petroleum is one of the most promising independent petroleum players in the Philippines. Our commitment is to Fuel individuals and Industry in the Philippines by providing good quality and fair priced fuels, lubricants and power. Commitment to Innovation Ever since its foundation in December 10, 1996, the company has been a pioneer in the introduction of high quality or new technologies in the industry. Among the notable firsts of the company is being the first to comply with Clean Air Act of 2004, first to use Biodiesel blend in its fuel back in 2007, the first to comply with the Department of Energy’s Ethanol requirement for gasoline fuels. More recently Eastern Petroleum Corporation revolutionized the LPG industry through the introduction of EC Gas Composite Cylinders, a move that is the most significant innovation for the last 65 years. Expanding Networks Eastern Petroleum Corporation first started its Gasolinahang Bayan Station program in 2001 with its first station in Cavite. From this point onwards it has since expanded its Gasoline Station Networks across the Nation and has established a presence in General Santos City and Davao in 2007 and in Visayas by 2013. Whether it be a large Easter Gateway Superstation, the standard sized Gasolinahang Bayan or the smaller Micro Eastern the company’s retail network is expanding at a fast rate. Entrepreneurship is in our Culture Having started from entrepreneurship spirits and vision the company has since developed different franchise and dealership packages for aspiring entrepreneurship. Be part of our success stories and join our franchise networks. Eastern Petroleum offers franchise programs for its Gasoline stations and Household LPG Businesses (EC Gas). Mission Our mission is to provide world-class and environment friendly energy to fuel the country’s economic growth and to develop growth and entrepreneurial opportunities for the greatest number of Filipinos which is what every Eastern employee strives to achieve on a daily basis. That is why in the last 15 years, we have continuously supplied products that fuel the country’s transportation sector, empower businesses and give opportunities to determined entrepreneurship. C. About the Eastern Petroleum Group of Companies The Eastern Petroleum Group is composed of several companies in different but related industries working in synergy to deliver a wide range of services. J&M Properties J&M properties specializes in property management, industrial, commercial and residential properties development. ERFC Eastern Renewables and Fuels Corporation focuses on sustainable energy options and is in the power sector. Caraga Power Corporation Focuses on Power Plant development as sustainable energy through Biomass


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