Direct Match Outsourcing Inc.

Alamat Kantor
Unit 308 The Atrium of Makati, Philippines


Committed Direct Match Outsourcing is established by a commitment to provide employment opportunities to jobseekers in the IT and BPO industry. We aim to boost the morale and empower individuals by giving useful information and better understanding of the position that is suitable for maximization of skillsets. Teaching individuals to have a better career path by educating longevity and result-orientation in employment as a paramount goal is our main objective. Matching them to our esteemed partners to create transformational relationship is our mindset. Passionate The company is passionate in understanding the business needs of our clients and aspires to meet target goals required to provide long-term solutions. Driven by good relationships with our stakeholders, we aim for continuous, quality-driven performance. Focusing on Entry-level agents, Bilingual agents, IT positions, Management and Top-level positions, we guarantee performance and accurate staffing through proper screening, evaluation and expertise. Through experience, we have developed a keen eye on measuring the individual’s capacity to complement the behavioral and technical competency of a position. Delivering the Best Results We only deliver the best results since we believe that such is the fundamental part of business affiliations. The staff in Direct Match Outsourcing consists of highly talented, motivated, multi-skilled and experienced individuals who have specialized in Executive Hiring in the previous years after surpassing targets on entry-level and mid-level positions. The assurance of results to our business partners are based on proven deliveries. Thus, making us the epitome of how a business solutions provider should be. For us, success is mandatory.

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