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KM.17 Ortigas Avenue Extension, Cainta, Philippines


OUR HISTORY DigiPress Asia, Inc. is a company that was established in March 2011, founded on more than 15 years of experience in digital printing, advertising, and international marketing. It originated from a company that is purely engaged in large format printing, screen printing and sign fabrication, which then evolved in to a full service printing company offering capabilities in digital, offset, large format, and digital photo printing. In DigiPress Asia Inc. we have equipped ourselves with the latest technology both in hardware, software, and cloud computing. Even with all the technology and expertise...we are just people, meeting the needs of other people. OUR CORE VALUES DigiPress Asia, Inc. is a group of people who are POISED... We have founded ourselves on the principles of Purpose, Ownership, Integrity, System, Excellence and Diligence. These are the metrics by which we measure our company’s success and the basis of which our employees are rewarded. OUR BELIEF In DigiPress Asia, Inc. we believe that printing is not just about ink and paper, but it is about PEOPLE. Printed materials serve but one purpose, and that is to connect people. Whether it is a greeting card sent to relatives abroad, or a personalized direct mailing piece sent to a customer, or a photobook that tells the story of one memorable vacation. The value of printed materials increases in proportion to its effectiveness in enhancing the relationships between people. OUR MISSION We strive to go beyond the ordinary business of printing because we consider ourselves as connectors of people and partners of the economy. This is why we do more than just offer digital printing services. We provide SOLUTIONS to maximize the use of printed materials and to make them work more effectively. We create OPPORTUNITIES for entrepreneurs and individuals to engage in business or to enhance their business. We introduce INNOVATIONS to increase the value of printed products, to enhance the customer experience, and to become better at giving people what they need.

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