STOREMINDER (A Division of Demo Power Philippines Inc.)

Alamat Kantor
128 Bonifacio St., Corner Sikatuna St., Cebu City, Philippines


StoreMinder is a unique MPE (Marketing, Promotion and Efficiency) service that provides the brand owners and retailers an in-depth view of how the retail store is doing – and how to further improve the retail process via efficient marketing and promotions. It focuses on the following: Point-of-Sale Merchandising Manpower-based Brand & Category growth activities Field Audit and field intelligence services at retail stores There are 2 major service components to StoreMinder: Retail Trade Audit This is the primary service of Store minder. It is a manpower-based promotion service using our propriety intelligent data analysis which targets the marketers and suppliers. It provides the following timely and relevant field-audited data on: Implementation of promotions, new products and key initiatives Distribution of Essential (Must Carry) SKUs in focused channels Reach and Presence in random channels Overall field team execution Retailer-Centric & Supplier-Funded Merchandising Model The secondary service of StoreMinder is to empower retailers generate additional income through "category-focused" merchandising and "in-store promotion" services rather than just specific brand-led effort. It consolidates the approach on a category captaincy platform to provide the proper push for the total retail offering. In short, StoreMinder gives the brand owners and the retailers an in-depth, 360 view of what is happening in the stores – what is working and what is not , what is selling like hotcakes and what is not, etc. It provides the essential timely intelligent feedback for the retailers to fine-tune their marketing and promotional activities in their stores.

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