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Demo Power is Asia’s largest in-store demonstration and trial company, with operations in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. We are a team of creative innovators and highly-trained communicators with extensive knowledge in developing inventive marketing executions. Whether in-store or in other relevant channels (schools, malls, offices, wet and dry markets, and so on), we aim to advance your brand to your target market’s top of mind, ensuring successful conveyance of your brand’s message, consequently inducing trial, finally resulting to conversion. The Total Brand Experience. We offer marketers an opportunity to interact with targeted consumers through the use of their five senses (sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch); to achieve a Total Brand Experience execution. There are 3 key components that constitute a Total Brand Experience: 1. Visual and Verbal Brand Communication 1.1 Visual Media Broadcast To shore up remarkable delivery of your brand’s message, engaging and exciting brand communication vehicles (i.e. merchandising display stands, posters, detailers, interactive and specially-designed games made for the brand, headers, uniforms, and innovative booth designs) will be utilized. Attractive interactive value-added services for generating high awareness and impact levels: a. Detailers for interactive and informative games use the brand’s benefits to create an element of fun and boost consumers’ interest in the product. b. Visual interactive Attribute and Benefits Communication Detailers communicate key product traits that enhance consumer preference levels. This may be a demo of a product’s mechanism of action, or the product’s benefits and results afforded to the consumer. c. Entertaining TV infomercials for extending marketer’s TVC campaigns. 1.2 Verbal Interaction Comprehensive brand communication is delivered by professional, well-trained brand spokespersons who clearly and animatedly communicate with consumers the key product attributes and brand benefits to further enhance the product encounter. 2. Interactive Effective Targeted Trial Interactive-demo systems create a unique level of understanding of key product attributes, thereby influencing consumer brand benefit preference levels, making brand equity building possible at one plus frequency levels. Consumer grouping is done through an interactive process to identify loyal users, switchers, competitive users, related category users, and non-category users. Total consumer involvement in product trial is essential. Our brand spokespersons invite consumer interaction using all 5 senses (sight, touch, taste, sound, and smell) when necessary, thus allowing consumers an opportunity to totally experience the brand. 3. Conversion Opportunities Effective strategic trials provide brand marketers with exclusive openings to develop consistent product usage throughout the product consumption cycle, thus allowing trialist-to-loyalist conversion prospects to take place.

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