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DATA ENTRY--PPM’s data entry job offers entry services to various organizations with digitization requirements. The process is simple and no-fuss: Using a laptop or PC, type CAPTCHA words you see on screen and convert scanned papers into editable digital documents. PPM boasts of its own CAPTCHA data software and server that fuels our goal to be the No. 1 online CAPTCHA data entry work provider in the Philippines. This job is open to all part-time and full-time typers around the world. To qualify, a typer must have his or her own PC with stable internet connection and a typing speed of about 30 words per minute. LOAD DEALERSHIP ---PPM also caters to the mobile industry by offering a “1-sim, load-all” dealership. We have partnered with the country’s top telco service providers to be able to deliver a reliable load dealership to our members. GAME/PREPAID/SATELLITE/INTERNET CARDS--Aside from e-loads, we also dispense other load products such as game cards, prepaid internet, satellite cards, and other type of e-pins. Aside from earning, our members also receive discounts from these products. EBOOKS--Members can download e-books, as well as other electronic learning materials with various practical uses for students and professionals. We also have audio/video tutorials, fonts, graphics and icons ready for download included in our ready-made system package. AD PACKAGE--We allow our members to promote their own business on our website by entitling them to 2,000 ad impressions. As one of the pioneers of multi-level marketing, PPM makes sure that its members are able to maximize the potential of a 100% online platform through exposure and promotion.

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