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Philippine Stock Exchange Centre Ortigas Centre, Pasig City, Pasig, Philippines


The primary purpose of establishing this company is to make available DENTAL and other HEALTH BENEFITS to the greater majority of Filipinos at easily affordable prices. NINE out of TEN Filipinos suffer from DENTAL CARRIES and 90% of them have never visited a dentist primarily because of the high cost of DENTAL CARE. PROLIFIC HEALTH OPTIONS AND TRADING INC. will bring the benefits of DENTAL CARE as well as that of INSURANCE and HOSPITALIZATION to the average income earner at prices well within his reach. By trying up with our HEALTH BENEFIT PROVIDERS, we are able to market specially designed HEALTH PACKAGES to our target market at the LOWEST POSSIBLE COST without compromising the quality of our offered health benefits. For our products to reach the AVERAGE and even the MARGINALIZED FILIPINO COMMUNITIES, our unique MARKETING ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE is designed to INVITE AND ACCEPT SALES ASSOCIATE APPLICANTS from all walks of life. This MARKETING DESIGN AND ORGANIZATION is made possible through the join efforts and pooled talents of our CORPORATE OFFICERS whose COMBINED EXPERIENCE in the field of MARKETING ND SALES MANAGEMENT amount to a total of 72 YEARS. Needless to say, this strong marketing foundation will assure the attainment of our DUAL CORPORATE OBJECTIVES – that of MAKING THE ORDINARY FILIPINOLIVE A LONG AND HEALTHY LIFE as well as PROVIDING HIM THE MEANS TO A COMFORTABLE FINANCIAL STATUS as long as he lives.

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