Easy Cash Lending Company, Inc.

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Times Plaza Building, Manila, Philippines


About Us EasyCash was formally founded in February of 2010. Although EasyCash is a new company, it is not new to the industry. The foundations for EasyCash were established way back in 1992 when its roots were planted by its sister company and backed by the same group of investors, Ultimate Financing Company Inc., a leading financing institution that aims to serve by providing credit services for development and progress for more than twenty years. It is headquartered in the Visayas area and operating with ten branches all over the archipelago. The Big Idea It wasn’t until 2010 that the proponents decided to expand to Luzon, starting in Metro Manila. For strategic reasons, the management team decided in a fresh identity thus EasyCash Lending Company Inc. was born. Armed with the increasing market demand, industry expertise and lower cost of technology, the time was right to begin. Building the Team The company is set about hiring the best and brightest people and forming strategic alliance with businesses, sales partners and their advisors, to get direction on the features and designs of EasyCash. They fused this effort with their own extensive financing knowledge and their experiences with various industries. Moving to the Future The goal is to build a long-term business, creating an environment that is attractive to the country’s best people. The company aims to improve the quality of life of its clients by providing easy access to credit, fast loan processing, flexible payment and affordable rates. We Believe that • Loan applications should be easy and fast. • Payments should be easy and simple. • Clients and Partners should be treated like VIPs. • Everyone is entitled to credit for progress.

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