Power Institute of Hotel Administration

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Room 216 Merchant Building Padre Faura st., Manila, Philippines


POWER INSTITUTE OF HOTEL ADMINISTRATION, INC. was founded in 2003 with the intention of performing the HRD task specifically those farmed out by industry to that of a training institute. PIHA’s wisdom will eventually make his institute a major player in the training field since his PIHA comes at a time when the needs of the local industry can be aligned to the needs of international hotels and restaurants. We intend to serve the local, as well as the overseas firm by identifying the training needs and focus on topics that are common and relevant. Our company, PIHA, has been a healthy conglomerate of sole and premier firms in the hotel and restaurant industry as well as reputable agencies and manning corporations. Local hotels and/or restaurants International hotels and/or restaurants Shipping line companies for Inter-ocean Shipping vessels as luxury cruise, passenger lines and containers.

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