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Grha Tirtadi 1st Floor Jl. Senopati No. 71-73 Kebayoran Baru South Jakarta


DattaBot is a big data analytics company focusing on data integration technology.

We set ourselves to find hidden patterns in noisy, fragmented data, making it easier for you to understand your problems and formulate your solutions. We utilise our proprietary data, technology, and analytics capacity to create technological solutions you can use for your daily operations to improve your business performance.

For DattaBot, every data is connected and we are here to help you connect the dots.

We believe every member of this organization has their rights to achieve their personal dreams. Whereas this organization can facilitate the acceleration for them to achieve it. We believe combination of tacit knowledge, advance technology, abundance of data, and ability to connect relevant information with people dreams can solve the world's toughest problems.

There is no noise in data, only untold stories.

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