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D-TEC Industrial Services tenders the following services: 1.)Automation and Instrumentation---Design estimates for a highly automation and control which specializes on Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA),Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Soft starter for motor control and Power metering, CEMS, & CCMS. 2.) Engineering and Construction—electrical design, estimates, fabrication and installation, total water supply provider ( demineralised water), design & installation, installer of engine for industrial plants, manufacturing, residential, commercial complex, hospitals, hotel ,and other institution, Power, solar panel plant design & construction. Design & construct clean room Class 100, Class 1000, LFU. 3.) Operation and Preventive maintenance - power plant , facility equipment such as Chiller, compressor, D.I water, AC/DC motors, Air conditioning unit, AHU, FCU, clean room equipment, Panel board, MCC, Switch board / Distribution board and Switch gear. Chemical cleaning of radiator, boiler, economizer, cooling tower, fresh water gen, dynamo, AHU/OAC and other mechanical equipment 4.) Thermal Scanning of electrical Equipment – Diagnosis analyzed and recommends required action to ensure electrical safety. (fire hazard prevention) 5.) Fabrication- Design & Fabricate any kind of panel in NEMA standard enclosure, table, flatform and/ or as per customer request. A newly established company but trained to be skilled and competitive in applying special skills in the field of engineering. In our company we also offer a general service that supports the need of our partner companies. Hence we value the betterment of our relationship. We are dedicated to our work and we listen to every suggestions made for the quality of our workmanship. So partner companies will be secured, satisfaction of our customer is our main target. We are in business who understands your requirements and we are truly committed to our Mission and Vision. VISION D-TEC Industrial Services to be the prime electromechanical and instrumentation company and extends its services as water solution provider & cleaning services for electrical/mechanical equipment. Thus, our effort is to meet the needs of our client company. We must have the best terms and conditions geared towards establishing a long-term client relationship anchored by mutual trust and respect. The way the company runs its business reflects what kind of people it consists. To realize the mission is to need a dedication and innovation, these two values motivates our vision. What value we can make for our client will define on how far we can go towards our mission. MISSION • Contribute to global environmental conservation while putting trust and satisfaction to customers first. We also partner with our clients with safety and efficiency to be further and forever achieved competitive advantages with harmony. • Our objective is to have harmony that benefits the successful clients, company, and society. Mere economic benefit for the company is the basic demand to exist.


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