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Cuts Against Cancer - Donate Your Hair Today – MISSION is to help kids and woman with cancer who loss their hair due chemotherapy by donating them high quality medical wigs from real human hair donated by kind people around the world, we focusing in poor countries where people can’t afford to buy medical wigs and social and medical system can’t help them. OUR VISION & GOALS ARE – with help of God and companies, business people and other government organizations to make in each hospital where people take chemotherapy in the Philippines and another countries where people can’t afford to buy expensive high quality medical wigs, create a “Wigs Bank” where any child or woman with cancer can come anytime and get free real human hair wig to wear until her hair start to grow again. Next BIG project we want to do in the Philippines together with TESDA or other government or commercial organization is “Donated by Filipino and made in the Philippines” – ideas of this project will be hair that will be donated in Philippines will be turned to wigs and made in Philippines. Ran Fridman Founder & Director of Cuts Against Cancer – Donate Your Hair Today, his both grand parents died from cancer and his mother is breast cancer survivor, that is one of the main reason why he started Donate Your Hair Today project to donate high quality medical wigs for kids and woman with cancer who passed chemotherapy and lose their hair. You can help as well by donating your hair in order for us to continue making and donating medical wigs. Our partner drop-off location for hair donations is Papemelroti gift shop with 15 branches in selected malls in Manila & Pampanga


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