Clean City Commercial, Inc.

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Withstanding the ever changing demands of the market, Clean City Commercial Inc. has continued customer satisfaction with durable and efficient products, fit for the toughest requirement of its’ clients. For over 25 years, Clean City Commercial Inc. has developed a niche in the industrial and commercial cleaning industry. Devoted to keep its strong position, this specialized company operates throughout the Metro and target provinces equipped with effective marketing to further satisfy the needs and wants of the business. Originally, the company was founded completely around the Pressure Cleaner market, but soon developed a wider audience, allowing the company to serve a much larger market. Working hand in hand with your personal or business needs, the company offers commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners, extraction cleaning equipment, power sprayers, scrubbers/sweepers, misting/fogging machines, foaming machines, large industrial high pressure pumps and lubricating equipment and their accessories. The continuous expansion is proof of the company’s growth in the industry. Today, more product range has emerged from its’ constant improvements and research. As always, Clean City has achieved a high level of customer satisfaction through quality and affordability. Clean City Commercial Inc is closely associated with world leading companies with iso 9001, 9002 that allow us to remain in the forefront of the commercial and industrial cleaning industry.

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