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Are you tired of the typical 8 to 5 job? Do you prefer to be your own boss, working at your own pace, and at your own time? Do you want to be the one determining your own income? Do you care about and have the desire to help others? Are you self-confident with high standard for personal integrity? Are you hard working, goal oriented, and able to persevere? Can you take �No� for an answer and still remain upbeat? Do you want to meet and work with people? Do you have a strong entrepreneurial spirit? Do you work well independently, as well as part of a team? If you agree with at least 7 of these statements, we are inviting you to explore possibilities with us. You will meet people and build long term relationships. Through face to face meetings, you will surface the needs of a client, analyze these needs and provide solutions that these needs will be met. And while earning your keep, you will be able to assure clients of health care when they need it and to help clients be financially independent come their golden years. There are three sales positions you can chose from: Health Counselor GROUP MANAGER AGENCY MANAGER Here are the licensing requirements to become a sales associate: At least 18 years old At least college level Attend Caritas Health Associates Marketing Profession Program (CHAMPP) seminar Fill up Health Counselor Application Form & Contract (HC-AFC) and have it endorsed by Agency or Group Manager and Branch Manager Attach a photocopy of a valid ID with picture, signature & address Pay the license fee of P200 Note: A sales associate is not considered as an employee yet enjoys some of the benefits a Caritas Health Shield employee has such as medical services, provident fund, and incentives and rewards. If you are interested, you may contact any of the following Marketing Officers: For Metro Manila Dirick Santos 09335446188 Sale Associate Allyssa Mendoza 09179710706 Sales Team Leader Ms. Cindy 09178146758 Account Manager Compensation With CARITAS HEALTH SHIELD, you determine how much you want to earn (Effort = Income). For every sale generated a percentage is given to you in the form of Commissions. Commissions* are given for new business premiums and renewal premiums. Earn as much as P 16,985 per month on your personal sales as a Health Counselor and as much as 509,550 in a year *Commission schedule varies among products. Training and Development Your success will depend upon the sales process you use and the product solutions you develop for your clients. Caritas Health Shield will provide you with the essential skills and competencies to get you started and become a producer. Early in your career, we will focus on helping you provide solutions for your clients, we offer: Products training to give you a good grasp of what you will be offering your prospects. Caritas Health Shield has two programs for product training namely CHAMPP (Caritas Health Associates Marketing Program Process) and CHARTS (Caritas Health Associates Refresher Training Seminar) which is a program to deepen your understanding of the products. Sales process training to help you understand your client�s needs and match these needs to Caritas Health Shield Product solutions, thus help you develop and grow your clientele. The program for the sales process training is CHOICES (Caritas Health Options In Convincing & Earning Sales) Group or Agency management training, in the event of a promotion or decision to manage your own sales group, will facilitate your transition from selling to managing. The program for recruitment is the Caritas Health Invitational Career Assessment (CHICA).

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