Alamat Kantor
28Th Floor Burgundy Tower, Makati, Philippines


The leading engineering service provider in Telecom industry. The Company has been established since 2001 and originally focused its business in Thailand. The service has been expanded to various countries in Asia Pacific , thus, Carenett group of companies evolved that includes Singapore, Philippines, China, Indonesia and India.The service portfolio includes Network & System Planning, Network Implementation, Network Operation & Maintenance, Network Optimization, Project Management, Logistics, Material Sales, and Training Services. Carenett realizes the importance of customers' business and the commitment required for achieving the satisfactory quality and efficient implementation within the given tight period. We progressively work with our customers to provide valuable service packages that best fit to their business needs. Carenett has the effective, well-organized, and team-oriented employees in the area of telecommunications. Our workforce has an extensive background in telecommunications industry and has been specifically involved in the gradual migration from the archaic mobile network to the new era of cell phone system as GPRS or EDGE. With our competent resources, Carenett goals are to enhance our competitiveness in order to capitalize on opportunities in the local and global market place. Carenett is confident to deliver professional engineering services to customers.


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