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Pasig, Philippines


The company of retailing candies by bulk ( by weight ) was accidentally discovered by an enterprising couple on their first trip to the United States in 1995. The idea of bringing in the business to our country was further bolstered after seeing more stores in Canada , Singapore and Hongkong. Thus, on February 1996, the first Candy Mix branch was opened at Metropolis Alabang. After a year of operations with a very meager capital, the business venture was a disappointment. But it did not stop the couple to give up that easily. Instead, it was taken as a challenge to even work harder and pray more, From a dream to reality, the mere concept was translated into as successful business it is now. Armed with strong faith in God plus their passion for work , the Lord has awarded them the fruits of their labor. The owners believing in the project and the men and women who later joined the company and worked hand & dedicated themselves has made Candy Mix what it is today. August 2003 , Candy Mix launched its franchising program in the Filipino Franchise Show of which Candy Mix is a member. Presently, Candy Mix is operating four (4) company-owned branches and fourteen (14) franchised outlets located in various malls and amusement centers in Metro Manila and provinces. The company is engaged not only in the sale of candies but started its own brand of merchandise with its company mascot called “ PICKO. This is another first from Candy Mix. At this point of our business development and marketing strategy, Candy Mix has adopted its new trade name, Pick & Mix from Candy Mix. Hopefully, the spark that lighted the flame will continue to burn through the years and kept alight by the men and women – the workforce of Candy Mix. The strong desire to serve the Filipino market with the best quality and widest choices of confectionery will always be our goal.

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