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Alamat Kantor
BFC Commissary, Calauan, Philippines


Interested applicants MUST send their resume and cover letter to the following email addresses: hrad @ bugongph.com bugong_hr @ yahoo.com bugong_evrevilla @ yahoo.com Bugong Foods Corp. (BFC) is a 100% Filipino food service company that started in Los Banos on November 11, 1999, offering diners an exciting experience through unique Asian inspired dishes. Our current main business revolves around food service. We operate restaurant and take-away kiosk chains under the name of "Bugong", popularly known for our signature Oriental-tasting roast chicken marinated using 18 secret herbs & spices. No MSG and other artificial flavor enhancers are being used. Bugong's menu now revolves around the signature roast chicken, complemented by other Asian-infused grilled meats, salads, noodles, pastas, rice, wraps, snacks, beverages, and other unique dishes. BFC's commissary, and head office, is located at Calauan, Laguna. It is a 500 sqm meat processing plant that has been accredited by the National Meat Inspection Services (NMIS) with a "AA" rating for good manufacturing practices. As the center of quality and logistics, the commissary acts as the major source of food and non-food materials used by all Bugong stores. The facility also houses our Deli Kitchen where we produce bottled food products, side dishes, and various sauces fresh daily. BFC's motto is "Never Ordinary". It is a statement of our food philosophy: to give our customers the best we can in food and service. In line with this, our company is guided by three main virtues in restaurant management and food production: (1) flavor and quality always comes first - no compromise; (2) our responsibility is to promote a lifestyle of wellness for Filipinos, and; (3) to continuously study and practice gastronomy in our cooking to give our customers a unique and exciting BUGONG experience. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram for more information and updates. www.facebook.com/BugongPH Instagram page @bugongph

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