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Boracay PubCrawl Inc.

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Deskripsi Pekerjaan

  • In-charge and lead an army. An army of Yellow Shirts 80+ Strong. All Aiming to achieve one common goal. #BestNightEver.
  • Must be able to demand authority from 80+ Participants without pissing them off. And will thank you after for being strict.
  • Lead people to the best nightlife spots on the island.
  • On top of the implementation of protocols while you talk, sing, and dance with people from different countries and cultures.
  • You will have to scream and shout a lot to call people's’ attention, like an army officer, but still have the friendliness of a panda.
  • Talk a lot to explain rules and game instructions.
  • Dance a lot to hype up the party and make the experience amazing for the participants, especially the shy ones,
  • You have to emit contagious energy and enthusiasm to ensure your guests will have a memorable night of Turning strangers into friends!

Kualifikasi Minimum

  • Possesess genuine ability to connect and interact with different types of people;
  • Bubbly, witty while still embodying a strong sense of command;
  • Must be hyperactive and productive at the same time;
  • Thrives in a fast-paced environment, and the organize chaos we call our office;
  • Has a strong sense of urgency;
  • Team player with a high sense of individualism;
  • Committed to the company's mission of turning strangers into friends;
  • Must have a strong will to succeed. Go get them tiger!

Tunjangan dan lain-lain

  • Flexitime Flexitime
  • Paid Vacation Leave Paid Vacation Leave
  • Paid Sick Leave Paid Sick Leave
  • Employee Discounts Employee Discounts

Kemampuan yang dibutuhkan

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Creative Thinking
  • Relationship Management
  • Persuasion and Negotiation
  • Photojournalism
  • Street Photography

Jobs Summary

Tingkat Posisi
Lulusan Baru
Kategori pekerjaan
Hospitality and Tourism
Persyaratan tingkat pendidikan
Lulus Sarjana (S1)
Perekrut respon ke aplikasi
Alamat Kantor
Boracay Island, Malay, Western Visayas, Philippines
Events Services
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Tentang Boracay PubCrawl Inc.

What is your DREAM JOB? Really? Take a minute and think about it before proceeding. Now let's have a check list. If it includes at least 3 things from this list, your dream job is just a click away. 1. Work for a high freedom company that values results and positive vibration more than anything else. 2. Lunch breaks? Nah!! How about sunset breaks? Feast your eyes on this: a sky that is turning from the brightest shade of orange to amber. 3. Being part of the coolest, craziest and finest team ever assembled. 4. Early morning walks on the sandy beach. 5. Amazing working hours. 6. Deadlines? We don't have that. For we never stop working. Our marching orders? Turn strangers into friends! 7. To top it all off, what about doing all that in a paradise island? Working, living and partying in world famous Boracay island? Join the company whose mission is to Turn Strangers into Friends. Take the first step towards awesomeness. Your welcome Mojito is waiting. Boracay PubCrawl is in search of the following: Brand Ambassadors Captains (Happiness Engineer) Photo Captain + Party Host Executive Assistant + Project Manager Sales + Marketing Superstars Online Marketing Specialist Operations Manager Graphic Designer + Social Media For 5 years in action now, we are so far best known Boracay PubCrawl which has been consistently the #1 Activity in Boracay according to Tripadvisor. Our mission of "Turning Strangers into Friends" is one of the core ideas that drives the ‘PubCrawl Experience’ we envisioned and continue to perfect. Aside from our bar hopping activity, we are also doing boat parties and we have our own bar. We are passionate about customer happiness and never settle for the status quo, always improving as we go along. We are both working on expanding our current business while introducing new products that are in line with our core philosophies. We are a diverse team from different cities, countries, backgrounds and personalities. Yet we are all one when it comes to delivering the experience that results in raving fan customers - how we like to call them ‘friends’. As an outcome focused team of individuals, we believe that raising the standard is one of the best way to continuously be on top. We only want the best because we believe that our customers (again, ‘friends’) only deserve the best. By focusing on what matters - the end result we want - we tackle each challenge with a logical approach by looking at several angles and including as much information as possible. We believe that problems are just unanswered questions so a combination of intelligence, practicality, and creativity will do the trick. While we work in a party atmosphere, we do not have party mentalities. We are here to put a dent in the universe, not to indulge into short sighted hedonism. At the same time, having fun while having an impact is how we like to approach one challenge at a time. Our Products We are the number 1 activity in Boracay for four years and counting . Now it’s your time to find out why. Boracay PubCrawl Our main brand, the Boracay PubCrawl is our moving party on the beach! Enjoying the tropical vibe of the island matched with the parties by the most happening places. Boracay PubCrawl is your ticket to your best night ever in the island. Making friends with 50-150 people a night from all over the world, receiving huge discounts from our partner bars, free entrances on clubs and an amazing staff to ensure you're having fun, this is definitely an activity that you should never miss out. Boracay BeachPub Staying true to our friendship brand, our pub which is located by the beach front offer friends and strangers alike in a different beach bar feel. Wearing our signature yellow shirts, our smiling servers and friendly bartenders make the best tasting mojitos in the island. We turn strangers into friends by making each guest feel at ease and at home while watching the sun set. Boracay Boat Party More than the nightlife, Boracay has been known for its fine white sand and calm turquoise sea. What better way to enjoy it than with new found friends? We bring the afternoon cruising on a different level by having games and activities on a boat filled with friends who haven’t met yet. Manila PubCrawl Nine months after the birth of Boracay PubCrawl, Manila PubCrawl was launched bringing the island vibe and way of partying in the city, we go to four bars and a super club in style. Cebu PubCrawl We’re coming back soon, Queen City of the South! Corporate Team Building We offer to organize your team building, ensuring that you get the most fun out of the experience. We will put our heads together to come up with a party that everyone will remember.
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