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B-MIRK has been providing contract manufacturing services since the company’s inception in 1992. Any process that a company wishes to move off site for reasons of space, capacity, capability or cost is a candidate for B-MIRK’s contract manufacturing services at highly competitive rates. The company provides labor, equipment, location and knowledge to create the best solution for our partners’ (customer) manufacturing/packaging requirements. B-MIRK acts as an extension of its partner’s company. Our process, quality, and inventory control procedures operate at the standards and specification our partners specify upon enlisting our services. Our company was built starting with a single contract manufacturing job for each client. Then, by providing superior quality, reliability, flexibility and customer services, our clients give us more work every year. Many times our contract manufacturing management and engineering teams recommend ways that B-MIRK can improve our partners' profitability by streamlining their manufacturing operations. B-MIRK understands the need to be flexible to meet the industry’s changing needs and so will adapt its services to such needs hence are willing to work extra shifts as needed to meet certain timings and schedule. It is not uncommon for B-MIRK to add equipment or capability to take on additional contract manufacturing work from our partners. One of our specialties is in secondary, labor-intensive work that our clients determine are inefficient to do in-house. Our company has been built on the philosophy that if we put our customers’ needs first, then the needs of our business will take care of themselves. This attitude has allowed B-MIRK to consistently grow exponentially each year with primarily repeat business. Many clients have been with us since the inception of the company and have steadily grown their volume of work with the company each year.

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