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2816 Borneo St, brgy.San Isidro ,Makati, Makati, Philippines


Blue Collar Manpower Services, Inc. “Responding to all your Maintenance and Manpower needs” Main Office: 2/f Bongalos Bldg. 2816 Borneo St. Brgy. San Isidro, Makati City (02) 884-1667; (02) 843-67-94; (02) 843-62-94 Regional Office: # 13 Palma Gil St., Davao, City (082) 226-8030; (082) 300-8430 Branch Office: Door 2 Ramirez Bldg. Gaabucayan St. corner J. Pacana St., Cagayan de Oro City (088) 857-29-44; (088) 327-38-79 Brach Office: Paz Palaez bldg. a.s fortuna st. Bakilid Mandaue City Cebu. Contact Persons: Mr. Edmundo D. Corales 09228817103 Operation Head (Manila) Mr. Antonio E. Acebedo/HRMD-Manager 09192722744 / 09189484972 Mr. Ireneo H.Guce/Regional Manager 09177134602 Mr. Gerald Kim G. Camacho/Chief Information Officer/Operations Head 09178622292 Mr. Francis H. Guce/Head, Human Resource & Administration 09185217838 Company Profile Introduction Established in May 1999, BLUE COLLAR MANPOWER SERVICES, INC. (BCMSI) started to engage in manpower service contracting activities involving commercial/industrial housekeeping and other related undertakings including building and ground maintenance, carpet cleaning, and general manpower staffing (office services, in-store support , production workers, messengerial and other related services). BCMSI employs highly motivated and competent professionals who have long years of experience in the maintenance and manpower contracting operations gained from reputable companies. All service personnel deployed by BCMSI to various clients undergo rigid training at the company training center which is conducted by our Service Trainers under strict supervision of our Technical Support Group. To date, BCMSI has supplied a good number of skilled and semi-skilled janitors, drivers, messengers, elevator operators, data encoders, sales attendants, administrative/clerical staff, teacher aides, electricians, maintenance staff and factory workers to over thirty (30) private organizations and government institutions. VISION To be the no. one manpower service provider in the Philippines and the Asia-Pacific region. Mission We the family of Blue Collar Manpower Services, Inc. with the partnership of GOD aim to: “Respond to all your maintenance and manpower needs through quality service” We commit ourselves to products and service excellence, employment of honest, trustworthy and competent personnel, and total customer satisfaction. Corporate Philosophy Excellence Blue Collar Manpower Services, Inc. is a business firm that is established to provide manpower contracting services. It is committed to make available, within the reach of public and private institutions, commercial establishments and industrial companies, quality personnel who are competent, dependable and highly trained. Honesty and Trustworthiness Blue Collar Manpower Services, Inc. prides itself to employ honest, trustworthy and dedicated personnel who have been technically trained in their field of specialization prior to actual deployment. It is committed to continuously employ highly motivated and skillful individuals who could perform well as a team and are able to serve the needs of its customers with maximum reliability. Social Commitment Blue Collar Manpower Services, Inc. commits to provide reasonable compensation, benefits and incentives, safe working conditions, opportunity for career advancement and to give due recognition to those loyal and committed personnel who excel in their actual endeavor and performance. Corporate Values These values are anchored on:  Honesty/Integrity S - ervice  Initiative E - education/training  Customer Service R - esponsiveness  Competence V – igor/strength  Respect for Authority I - nitiative  Cooperation C - ooperation/collaboration  Social Responsibility E – xcellence Working nucleus The people who steer the company’s mission to its objective course are team-spirited professionals with credible years of training and experience in the service contracting industry. Quality Policy Blue Collar Manpower Services, Inc. adheres to the principles of “Total Quality Management” and “Customer Satisfaction.” Backup Support Services  Supported by all pertinent legal documents as required by the government.  Recruitment network from all our regional offices including North and South Luzon areas that continuously process applications.  Systematic hiring and selection thru a series of interviews and battery of tests.  Established policies, rules and regulations; code of conduct and discipline.  Well-organized Human Resource Management (HRM) and Accounting systems and procedures.  Financially stable.  Supported by ten (10) major banks in the country today • The Philippine National Bank • China Bank • East West Bank • Bank of the Philippine Islands • Banco de Oro • Metro Bank • Union Bank • Robinson’s Bank • United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB) • United Asis Trust Bank Product & Service Offerings:  Provide and manage outsourced services in staffing and manpower.  Provide highly competitive individuals per client specifications  Assist in the urgency of client’s manpower needs.  Manpower pooling for diverse client requirements in different fields of discipline.  Other allied services , such as, but not limited to the following: Administration/Clerical Services Manufacturing workers Secretarial Services, Warehouse services Medical Staff/Aides Cashiering services Accounting Services Housekeeping services Merchandising Services Messengerial services Supermarket helpers Driving services Production workers Technical Services: Dishwashers/Kitchen helpers Maintenance Waiters/busboys Electrical Agricultural workers Plumbing/Carpentry BCMSI Employee Acquisition Procedures Phase I Recruitment: Personnel Requisition Screening: Interview and Psychological Testing Selection Dispatch for Interview by Partner-Company Phase II Employee Orientation - Corporate Vision, Mission, Philosophy & Values - Job Orientation: Work Values and Proper Work Attitude - Company Policies, Rules and Regulations; Code of Conduct & Discipline. - Positions/Descriptions (per client’s nature of business) - Responsibilities and Accountabilities - Organizational Structure and Reporting - Performance Standards/Indicators - Work Hours/Schedules - Uniform : Dress Code - Sexual Harassment - Leaves - Hiring and Firing - Compensation and Benefits - Equipment, Supplies and Facilities - Safety and Security - Cleanliness, Sanitation, Environment - Personality Development - Personal Hygiene - Good Grooming - Confidentiality - Communication: Reports, Forms, etc. - Human Relations Manpower Competency Development A. Supervisory Development 1. Organizational Awareness - Profile, Vision, Mission, Corporate Philosophy - Work Values and Attitude - Company Policies & Code of Conduct 2. Basic Management and Leadership - Role and Responsibilities of a Supervisor - Basic Management Functions: POLC - Basic Leadership Tools: Communication, Motivation, Empowerment - Team Building - Stress Management - Seven (7) Habits of Highly Effective People - Personality Development - Manpower Complement - Performance Evaluation: Focus on Skills, Knowledge & Attitude (SKA) - Effective Coaching, Counseling & Disciplinary Actions - Effective Grievance Handling Procedures & Documentation - Effective Human Relations - Quality Customer Service - Safety and Good Housekeeping Practices (GHP): 5S - Environmental Awareness B. Non-Supervisory Training & Development 1. Trainings / Seminars on: A. Technical aspects of the Job (per client’s nature of business) B. Safety and Good Housekeeping Practices (GHP) C. 5-S Housekeeping D. Kaizen: Principles of Ongoing Improvement E. Good Customer Service 2. Seminar on Attitude/Behavior - Towards Work - Towards Co-Employees - Towards Superiors and Peers - Towards the Organization/Company - Towards the Client(s) and Customers 3. Enhancement Seminars - Work Values - Personality Development - Employee Commitment to the Organization - Stress Management - Effective Human Relations - Spirituality in the Workplace- Area of Competence Standards/Criteria Weight 1. Manpower 20 A. Deployment Deployment must be complete all times B. Decorum and Grooming Staff complete, clean uniform and well-groomed. C. Competence and Attitude Staff are honest, diligent, cooperative Of deployed Personnel and patient. D. Disciplinary Action No supervision/leadman or rank and file personnel/housekeeping attendant receives a disciplinary action (serious) more than once or no termination of employment due to grave offense. Area of Competence Standards/Criteria Weight 2. Cleanliness, Sanitation and Environment 30 A. Work Area(s) Conditions of work area(s) are excellent B. Tools, Equipment, Gadgets All tools equipments gadgets, etc. must be clean and in good order at all times C. Facilities Furniture and Fixtures Facilities, Furniture and Fixtures must be clean at all times D. Store rooms and/stockrooms Barracks, store rooms, stockrooms, etc. and other amenities must be clean at all times E. Surrounding Areas and Environs All surroundings hallways and perimeter areas must be clean, free from garbage, trash, and other dirt at all times. Area of Competence Standards/Criteria Weight 3. Customer Service 30 A. Greetings Staff regularly greets officers, visitors and customers B. Courtesy Staff deals with officers, guest, visitors and customers in respectful and courteous manner. C. Helpfulness Helpful, attentive to their needs and concerns 4. Administrative Requirements 20 A. Salary and Benefits Salaries and Benefits are given on time. of personnel B. Government 100% compliance with applicable laws, Requirements rules and regulations particularly the labor code (DO 18-A) as amended, and its implementing rules and regulation. Good standing in paying taxes. Evaluation of Employees’ Performance Activity Objective Frequency Person/ Unit Responsible Monitoring of performance -To ensure standards Once a week Leadman/ Using checklist requirements are met Supervisor/ possibly exceeded. Coordinator -To provide feedback to concerned employees Conducting FORMAL -To assess employee’s Monthly Leadman/ Evaluation of employees’ capability, behavior, and supervisor/ performance primarily attitude towards work, coordinator focused on knowledge, supervisor, peers, etc. Skills and Attitude. -To provide feedback To concerned employees -To provide management The basis for the employee’s Renewal or extension of his/her contract. Meeting in employees in To asses performance and once a month Operation batches/Groups, accomplishment of past Manager/ (Scheduled in such a way month. HR Manager as not to hamper To discuss problems that operations) occurred and their solutions. • To anticipate/for see Potential problems, issues or concerns, that may affect administration and operations. • To generate and solicit ideas and opinions on how to improve system and procedures in performing duties, task and responsibilities. Performance Audit: To assess the consistency Unscheduled, Audit Team, This of performance unannounced headed by is an unscheduled, ( at least once HR manager unannounced random every 2 months) spot checking of areas. • To ensure standards and Requirements are met or exceeded. Salaries and Wages 1. Basic Salary and COLA – based on the latest Wage Order issued by the Regional Tripartite Wages and Regulatory Board (RTWRB) 2. Holiday Pay a. Regular Holiday – 200% b. Unworked Regular Holiday – 100% c. Special Holiday/Rest Day – 130% d. Rest day on Special Holiday – 150% e. Regular Holiday on Rest day – 150% 3. Overtime Pay a. Regular overtime – 25% b. Rest day/Special/ Regular Holiday – 30% 4. Night shift pay – 10pm to 6am a. Night premium – 10% 5. Government Mandated Benefits a. Social Security System Premium b. Philhealth Premium c. Pag-ibig Premium d. Employees Compensation Contribution e. 13th month pay f. Service Incentive Leave Pay PayOut a. Schedule of payout - twice a month b. Manner of payout : thru ATM (Union Bank); no cash payroll e. Pay slip for every payroll period Billing Procedures and Requirements a. Source of data – audited payroll data b. Billing attachments: 1. Consolidated Daily Time Records (DTR) 2. Billing summary per activity/operation 3. Service Invoice 4. Audited Daily Time Record (DTR) c. Bills shall be rendered in fifteen (15) days and payable in seven (7) days after presentation d. Delivery of bills shall be five (5) days after completion of the payroll e. Bills are subject to 12% VAT Cost Contract Rates a. Costing rates are the consideration in billing b. Computation is based on 312 days per year or 26 days per month c. Breakdown of Cost 1. Payable directly to the service employee: a. basic salary b. cost of living allowance (COLA) c. 13th month pay d. Service Incentive Leave (SIL) pay 2. Payable to the Government for the Service employee: a. SSS premium contribution b. Philhealth premium contribution c. Pag-ibig premium contribution d. Employee compensation contribution 3. Service/Administrative Fee 4. VAT LIST OF CLIENTS Clients Name Years of Service Services Cagayan de Oro City 1. SM Supermarket Since 2002 up to present SM Agora: Savemore Janitorial/bagging, SM Kauswagan: Savemore Warehousing, SM Capistrano: Savemore Driving SM Carmen: SVI (Supermarket) 2. ABS – CBN February 2012 up to present Janitorial, Driving 3. Centrio-Ayala Mall September 2012 up to present Janitorial, Driving, Admin/Clerical, Technical: Maintenance, Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry, Cinema Staff, Food choices personnel 4. B&W Ice Plant Production 5. Tater’s Ent. Inc. Cashier Service Crew Davao 1. Ateneo de Davao University Janitorials, Driving (Pre-school, Grade School, since 2003 up to present Technical: High School, College and Maintenace Graduate School) Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry, Landscaping; Food court crew; Clerical and Administrative staff, Librarian, Secretarial, Computer Technicians, Laboratory Assistants, Teacher Aides 2. Philippine Women’s College Janitorial, (Pre-school, Grade School, March 2012 up to present Messengerial, High School, College and Driving, Graduate School) Technical: Maintenance/ Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry, Landscaping; Food court crew; Clerical and Administrative Staff, Librarian, Secretarial, Computer Technicians, Laboratory Assistants, Teacher Aides 3. Abreeza – Ayala Mall Since 2011 up to present Housekeeping Attendants Janitors/Janitress Elevator Operators Cinema Groups Admin. Asst., Ticketing, Ushering, Porter, Food Choices Beverage Asst. Stockman Food Service Attendant and Crews Administration Clerks, Messengerial, Driver, Taxi Boy Marketing Marketing Asst. Advertising and Promotion Finance Finance Associates 4. Davao Medical School Foundation - Hospital Housekeeping Since 2007 up to present Attendants, Nurses, Nursing Aides, Technicians: Maintenance/ Electrical, Plumbing, Nutritionist, Dieticians 5. Davao Adventist Hospital Housekeeping Since 2007 up to present Attendants, Nurses, Nursing Aides, Midwifery, Med. Tech, Nutritionist, Dieticians, Administration, Finance: Cashier Technicians: Maintenance/ Electrical, Plumbing 6. SM Supermarket SM Supermarket, Ecoland Since 2003 up to present Janitorial, SM Save More, Bangkal Driving, SM Warehouse, Bangkal Warehousing and SM Supermarket, General Santos City Bagging SM Save More, Bajada 7. Philippine National Bank Janitorial, Luzon Since 1999 up to present Messengerial and Visayas Clerical Mindanao 8. Nader & Ebrahim S/O Hassan Philippine, Inc. (NEH) Since 2011 up to present Field Workers, Processing Fruits, Loaders and Drivers 9. Sonic Sales Distribution Inc. Since 2011 up to sent Administration, Checkers, Salesmen, Cashier, Drivers, Helpers and Janitors/Janitress 10. NCCC MAA: Mall & FoodCove / Tagum: Mall & Foodcove Damosa: Bread Factory Gempesaw: NHQ 11. San Miguel Brewery Inc. - Darong Sta Cruz 12. San Miguel Global Port - Malita Davao Del Sur 13. SM Manila SM Savemore SM Nagtahan SM Marikina 1, Marikina City SM Silverscreen, Legaspi SM Metrohub, Legaspi SM Malhacan, Meycauayan Bulacan SM Apalit, Pampanga SM Iba, Zambales SM Sorsogon SM Pili SM Muzon SM SUPERMARKET SM Pampanga SM Naga City SM Marikina 2, Marikina City SM Sta. Mesa, Manila SM Olongapo SM Warehouse-Sucat SM Warehouse -Pampanga 14. HYPERMARKET (Janitorial and Technical asst.) Hypermarket Baliuag Hypermarket Balagtas, Batangas Hypermarket Bicutan Hypermarket Clarkfield Hypermarket Cubao Hypermarket Daet Hypermarket Fairview Hypermarket FTI Hypermarket Kadiwa Hypermarket Laoag Hypermarket Mabalacat Hypermarket Maal of Asia Hypermarket Marilao Hypermarket Monumento Hypermarket North Harbor Hypermarket Novaliches Hypermarket Pasig Hypermarket Rosales Hypermarket Rosario Hypermarket Sucat Hypermarket Sun Residence Technical only Hypermarket Ilo-ilo Hypermarket Taytay Hypermarket Antipolo Hypermarket Cainta Hypermarket Adriatico Hypermarket East Service Road Hypermarket Eton Hypermarket Imus Hypermarket Imus Hypermarket Makati Hypermarket Mandaluyong Hypermarket Molino Hypermarket Muntinlupa Hypermarket North Edsa Hypermarket Jazz Hypermarket AZR 15. KNOX METHODIST CHURCH 16. BICUTAN CONTAINER CORP. Tanyag, Bicutan , Taguig City 17. BRYSTOL REALTY CORP. Makati City 18. ST. JOSEPH COLLEGE E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave., Quezon City 19. A. AGUIRRE, INC Makati City 20. ANSCOR-CASTO TRAVEL AGENCY Herrera St. Makati City 21. DRUGMAKERS BIOTECH REASERCH LABORATORIES, INC. Brgy. San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna 22. SENTURIAS, JIMENEZ & CO., CPA Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City 23. TRANSPHIL HOUSE 24. MABATANG CORP. 25. GREENFIELD Bonaventure (Janitor) Paseo De Santa Rosa (Construction) Greenfield (Parking Attendant) 26. IMPERIAL, DE GUZMAN, ABALOS & CO. Shaw blvd., Mandaluyong City 27. CENTURY CONTAINER 28. United Life Insurance & Assurance Bldg. 29. Special Food Retailers, Inc. 898 Eusebio Avenue corner Jennys Extension San Miguel, Pasig City Nature of Business: Food 30. KILTON MOTORS- Borneo St. San Isidro Makati City. 31. HMR PHILIPPINES INC. Balagtas, Batangas @ SM HYPERNARKET 32. ZUNIGA TUPUE & COMPANY 33. TASTE OF ASIA (PASIG-MOA)


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