Biz1Global Solutions, Inc.

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Makati, Philippines


Biz1 Global Solutions, Inc. B1G Solutions is a dynamic company focused on providing IT Consultancy and Software Development Services. The organization is founded to help the Philippine socio-economic status through IT enabled services that empower Filipino professionals realize their career goals. The company's headquarters is in Philippines and have multiple satellite offices in Australia and US. Our team specializes in the acquisition, management, and development of the complimenting relationship of talent and technology. Utilizing a comprehensive line of choices from open source technologies, our clients are served better by addressing their wide ranging customization needs through Cutting Edge Solutions promoting growing businesses with very efficient resources utilization. The organization is composed of Filipino developers passionate in learning innovation to keep themselves and the team on top of the international standards of performance. We continually grow our business in the fast moving e-Business market with our core values of Service Excellence, Empowering Mindset, Leadership in the field of Expertise, and Fun & Fulfilling Work Environment (SELF). We offer financial stability & sustainability to our team. This is initially composed of a competitive salary, and above industry benefits. Our work schedule is flexible but we demand accountability, discipline, and maturity in a team.

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