Finance and Administration Manager

Ayala Westgrove Heights Homeowners Association, Inc

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Preferred Educational Attainment
Graduated from college
8 days ago
Application deadline
in 11 days
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4 days ago
Village Management
Employment Type
Full time
Office Address
The Clubhouse, Ayala Westgrove Heights, Silang, Philippines
Minimum Qualifications:
Graduated from college

Qualifications for the Role/Position:

  • Educational Background – BS Accountancy, CPA preferably
  • Work Experience – at least 5 years experience in the following functional areas:
    • Financial Planning
    • Budget and Controls
    • Knowledge and use of automated accounting systems (SAP, Quickbooks, etc)
    • Customer interface
Job Description

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Reports to the AWHHAI General Manager (GM)
  • Scope of responsibilities include:
  • Update the GM and Board of Trustees (BoT) on relevant admin and financial issues
  • Supervise daily activities related to treasury and accounting, customer relations, personnel management, purchasing and payroll processing.
  • Supervise daily activities related to treasury and accounting, customer relations, personnel management, purchasing and payroll processing.
  • Ensure implementation of AWHHAI policies and programs; Address the needs of all stakeholders (members, employees, government agencies, service providers, etc.)
  • Recommend policies and procedures, organize activities and implement programs to meet the objectives of the AWHHAI Committees, such as, but not limited to the Finance & Planning, Legal and Administration, Membership and Communication, Sports, Social and Cultural Events
  • Coordinate with the Engineering /Maintenance Manager and the Security Supervisor to implement policies and procedures
  • Manage staff performance through recruitment, coaching and mentoring, evaluating individual employees
  • Assist the GM and BoD in establishing and maintaining partnerships with local government leaders and other external stakeholders


  • Coordinate with various Committee heads regarding administrative functions, budgeting and financial planning
  • Prepare and review proposed budgets in accordance with objectives and directives of the Board of Trustees or the Finance Committee
  • Prepare, consolidate and monitor the AWHHAI operating budget
  • Provide monthly expense reports


  • Process all billing for AWHHAI
  • Prepare and sends out individual Association dues Statement of Accounts to AWHHAI members
  • Responsible for voucher processing and reporting for Village amenities


  • Prepare daily collection reports
  • Collect all payments due from members
  • Implement approved collection policies
  • Recommend appropriate sanctions for delinquent accounts
  • Prepares a monthly report of the Receivables, with corresponding Aging
  • Prepares a monthly report of the Collection Efficiency


  • Maintain members’ records on financial transactions, occupancy information, and concerns
  • In coordination with the Corporate Secretary, maintain Association-related documents, to include, but not limited to: Record eg Articles of Incorporation, Deeds of Restriction, By-Laws, Village Rules and Regulations, Permits and Licenses, Contracts, Board Resolutions, Minutes of the Meeting
  • Maintain inventory of approved house construction plans
  • Compliance and Regulatory Requirements
  • Implement financial policies and procedures in accordance with GAAP, PAS and other Accounting Standards
  • Ensure timely processing of Annual Registration; process payments for Quarterly and Monthly EWT contributions
  • Ensure timely filing of BIR-mandated reports and returns and payments of necessary remittances
  • Ensure compliance with applicable regulatory requirements (DOLE, HLURB, DENR, LLDA, LGUs, etc)


  • Process payments as recommended by appropriate operations departments (Engineering /Maintenance contracts; payments to contractors; utilities and other expenses as approved by the BoT.
  • Process payments for RPT, Insurance
  • Procurement
  • Manage procurement processes as established by Financial system utilized
  • Ensure that procurement requests are covered by budgets and have appropriate approvals
  • Ensure that services contracted are covered by duly-executed contracts
  • Evaluate bids and submit recommendations to relevant committees
  • Customer Management
  • Attend to billing, collection and membership related concerns


  • Assist and prepare schedules for third party auditors (e.g. SGV etc)
  • Coordinate with the Board of Trustees for audit requirements
  • Ensure timely filing and payment of Annual Income Tax Returns

Asset Management

  • Implement an Asset Management system for the AWHHAI
  • Maintain and monitor asset inventory
About Ayala Westgrove Heights Homeowners Association, Inc
Homeowners Association created and incorporated with the following purposes: 1. To promote and advance the interests, general welfare and prosperity, as well as safeguard the well-being of the homeowners or long-term lessees at Ayala Westgrove Heights; 2. To construct, manage, maintain and operate adequate facilities and services for the members of the Association; 3. To initiate and organize socio-cultural projects and activities which will awaken community consciousness and belonging; 4. To promote, enhance and foster the development and improvement of the quality of life of the members of the Association through livelihood projects and other economic activities; 5. To acquire, accept donations, purchase, own, hold, develop, lease, mortgage, pledge, exchange, sell, transfer or otherwise invest, deal in or trade, in any manner permitted by law, real and personal property of every kind and description, or any interest therein, as may be necessary for the accomplishment of the purposes of the Association; 6. To borrow or otherwise contract indebtedness and issue notes, bonds and other evidence of indebtedness and to secure payment thereof by mortgage, pledge or deed of trust, or through encumbrance on any or all of its then-owned or after-acquired real or personal properties and assets; 7. To enter into, make, perform or carry out, or cancel and rescind contracts of every kind and for any lawful purpose, with any person, firm, association, corporation, syndicate, domestic or foreign, or others; and 8. To do and perform any other acts and things, and to have and exercise any other powers which may be necessary, convenient and appropriate to accomplish the purposes for which the Association is organized.

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