Wealth/Financial Coach

Aquarius & Associates

100 openings
Preferred Educational Attainment
Graduated from college
5 months ago
Application deadline
in a month
Recruiter responds
6% of the time
Recruiter last seen
23 days ago
Marketing / Advertising / Sales
Employment Type
Full time
Office Address
10th Floor, Del Rosario Law Center 21st Drive corner 20th Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines
Minimum Qualifications:
Graduated from college

Minimum Qualification:

Age: 20-25

Education: College Graduate

Experience: Sales, Marketing, Finance

Job Description

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Committed and passionate to push Filipinos forward by empowering lives through Financial Freedom Education and Advocacy.
  • Change people’s financial lives by providing others wealth education, innovation and holistic approach in financial planning.
  • Committed for continuous education and personal growth
  • Encourage to question your belief systems and redefine life, happiness and success on your own terms, by choosing ideas and values that fulfill you and rejecting the ones that limit you.
  • Work and live by the Code of Awesomeness, which enlists the values we have collectively voted for - such as the importance of integrity, gratitude and taking responsibility for your words and actions.

What is Expected of You?

  • Your product is YOU. Build your self-worth through daily rituals.

“There are no rejections, only feedback that you have not built yourself as a masterpiece. If you are a master in your business, people will just fall in line wanting to do business with you.” – Coach Russ Juson

Perks and Benefits

Perks and Benefits:

  • Our Culture – A great company culture isn’t just about perks and a sexy office. It is the psyche – the conscience of the company itself. Focusing on happiness, growth, abundance and cultivating a mutual mission that will eventually lead us to be one of the top companies to partner with.
  • Continuous Education – Our most powerful tool.
  • Happiness – Happiness is the new productivity. It turns out that our brains are hardwired to perform at their best not when they are in a neutral state or filled with dark voices (who knew?) – but when they are actively positive, i.e. in a happy state. We do this through cultivating individual freedom and also strengthening social connections. We promote team engagement where people choose to encourage at-work friendships through weekly mastermind meetings.
  • Personal Growth – Your personal growth matters as such as your customers. We stand by the principle that every person we lead is as brilliant as we are, as talented as we are, and has the same capacity for growth and accomplishment. Everyone at Aquarius and Associates has complete access to our portfolio of products, courses and trainings.
  • Allowance, Commission and Bonus - TBD
About Aquarius & Associates
Who we are: Founded in May 2016 by Jon Herrera and Russ Juson. We are a character building and learning experience organization which focuses in developing Life and Wealth Coaches through personal growth, health and fitness, spirituality, productivity and mindfulness. We are Rule Breakers. We encourage everyone to question their belief systems and redefine life, happiness and success on their own terms, by choosing ideas and values that fulfill them and rejecting the ones that limit them.

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