Adtel Inc.

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#57 Kalayaan Ave., Quezon City, Philippines


Adtel stands for Advance Telecommunications, part of the Lopez Group of Companies. We represent the interests of foreign technology providers in both telecommunications and broadcasting industries. These foreign principals are leading companies from USA, Europe and Asia, whose physical presence and absence in the Philippines dictate the size of Adtel's value-added services created in support of local customers. These value-added services include sales and marketing, engineering services, warehousing and nationwide distribution, back up of warranties, repair and maintenance, financing, turn-key project management and other outside plant capabilities. Nationwide distribution is carried out through five offices situated in different parts of the country. Adtel's customer base is mostly in public utilities such as those in power generation, power distribution, telecommunication, broadcasting, road toll ways, water distribution, industrial and commercial real estate and in a host of other related businesses. Adtel's niche is to position suitable technologies for telecommunication and broadcasting applications, acting as an exclusive distributor or reseller for and in behalf of choice foreign technology providers.

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