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Why You Need To Start Networking In The Tech Sector


May 28 • 7 min read


Networking is absolutely essential in launching a successful career in technology. Whether you’re working for a tech startup or a well established company and big player in technology, networking is how you will be able to set yourself up for a successful and thriving career. South East Asia particularly is emerging as a large player globally in the tech industry, and it’s estimated that SE Asia will become the 5th largest economy in the world, largely fuelled by this sector. So there really is no better time than now to build long term relationships and meet others within the tech industry as it continues to expand rapidly.

Stay Fresh With New Ideas

One of the greatest advantages of meeting other professionals and connecting is the exchange of industry-specific ideas and knowledge. Technology is changing at a rapid pace, and it is important to stay up to date. Other companies are bound to be doing something different than yours, and their system of procedures could really benefit how your company operates. Exchanging challenges and obstacles, and conversing with an outside third party is an excellent way to gain new perspective, and gives you the opportunity to assist and gain rapport with new business contacts. There are many available resources for finding networking events; The Philippines hosts many events for the tech industry, and adjacent industries, that can help you get started.

Find The Right Business Partner

At its core, networking is centered around building long term and mutually beneficial relationships. And so it is one of the best practices when searching for a new business partner in tech. It’s imperative to find someone with the same core values, work ethic, and complementary skills as you, and above all be able to trust them. If there is already an existing relationship there from networking, the likelihood of a successful business partnership is much higher. You will already have a great sense of their background expertise, and the knowledge they would be able to bring to the table.

Locate Your Dream Job

Recruiters are much more likely to fill positions based on referrals. Being active at networking events means more introductions and contacts who then have met you, and can possibly advance your tech career in the future. Ensure that you are vocal about your skills in the industry and abilities when meeting potential new contacts. Tech companies and the digital economy is South East Asia is estimated to triple and reach $240 billion by 2025, which means that many companies in the region have global offices, which presents the opportunity to work abroad. In fact, the diversity in South East Asia, with more than 7,000 languages being spoken across the region, makes this a unique selling point for your adaptability and skills in working with many different cultures.

Schedule The Time

It is clearly evident that networking will advance your career potential. So with that being said, it’s important to prioritize and schedule the time to attend networking events. One of the biggest mistakes in networking is that people do not make it a priority, and are not proactive in making the connections. Scheduling at least one event a month, and registering it as an important work commitment to stick to will quickly make all the difference to your networking efforts.

Active and regular networking will greatly advance your career in tech. Building relationships and rapport within your industry will bring your professional profile higher, and get you noticed. Networking is absolutely necessary to help open the doors to many opportunities and possible exciting advancements in both South East Asia, and globally.

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