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Who Do Managers, Teachers, and Accountants Marry?


February 16 • 4 min read

It’s an ever interesting point of conversation to hypothesize about who we’re going to end up marrying one day. Single people love to guess and theorize and those in relationships can’t help but wonder still. There’s no algorithm to finding the answer to questions of who our future spouses will be and when or where we’ll meet them but it doesn’t hurt to look for trends and probabilities on the matter.

That said, Bloomberg has put together probably the most interesting chart you’ll see today.

Instead of coming up with a formula for a person’s geographic or circumstantial odds of getting married, they went with jobs. They’ve collected and collated information about which industries or professions tend to cross and tie the knot. You can search for jobs on the chart or have fun with the toggle and drag it around the screen. To make things even more interesting (and applicable), they’ve even included a gender dimension to the chart as well.


It’s not a surprise if I say that straight male pharmacists end up with female nurses. But did you know that gay pharmacists have a thing for male writers and authors? There’s someone for just about every profession. Bloomberg makes mention that female CEOs marry male CEOs, but male CEOs also marry their secretaries.


There’s tons of interesting and unexpected pairings. You will learn that “miscellaneous entertainment attendants” get hit by the nature bug as a good number of them end up with farming, fishing, and forestry supervisors.


Unsurprisingly, physicians and surgeons who spend long hours in the ER together also spend their lives together (especially the lady doctors).


Customer service representatives really like truck drivers.


Female accountants marry managers while male accountants and auditors crunch numbers with computer programmers.


If school teachers aren’t getting together, they only have one preference.


Sales and marketing managers play things safe.


Computer and information research scientists like to mingle (notice massage therapist).


You can find the full (and interactive) inter-job marrying chart here.

Who does your profession marry?

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