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Where Do Graduates of the Top Schools in the Philippines Work?


March 04 • 5 min read

Apparently, graduating at a top university means careers in similarly well-known companies for many of its alumni

While the schools we graduate from are now a relatively minimal consideration compared to the skills and work experience we have as we apply and fulfill our jobs, it still helps to come from a widely recognized school.

Data providers like Times Higher Education and annual publications like the QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) World University Rankings periodically release rankings of universities all around the world, letting everyone know which they consider the best based on their carefully set criterium.

As students or alumni of these schools, it’s always good to know that your alma mater are among the most notable both locally and abroad. However, apart from school pride, what does coming from the Philippine’s finest mean?

We determined which schools are considered tops in the country according to different organizations, and with the help of the alumni tool of business and employment-oriented social media site LinkedIn, determined what companies and industries the graduates from these schools are most pursuing careers in.




Graduating from a highly regarded school has seemingly translated to careers with companies that are just as highly-regarded, with multinational brands such as Accenture and IBM a common employer for alumni of top universities. So if you’ve ever wondered what companies people from your class have gone on to make a living in, it’s mostly in these, with a lot of them having roles related to Information Technology and Business Development.

Business administration and management is also the course most graduated from by the top schools’ alumni, and is not so different from graduates in the rest of the country. In terms of top skills, many from the Philippines’ top universities also possess some of the most needed by employers, such as marketing, management, and customer service; and it’s in these that where they graduated from become a little less of consequence in finding and fulfilling work.

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