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10 Ways to Ace an Interview Every. Single. Time.


April 01 • 6 min read

It’s job hunt season for the fresh grads. But are you prepared to face that interviewer for that job you’ve been eyeing for months and come out victorious?

Well, we’re here to help you with that with these awesome tips from pros and master’s of the interview. Prepare to get your mind blown.

1. Research? What?

You know how people tell you to research about the company so you’ll have a little bit of edge during the interview? Well, you don’t need to do that. Just lounge around, go and binge-watch your favorite series, or order that large pizza you’ve been craving since yesterday.

2. Prepare common interview questions and ways to answer them

They say that the best way to go is to research common interview questions and prepare on how you’re going to answer them. We say, just wing it. They won’t really care what you’re going to say anyway. In fact, try singing the answers and really impress your interviewer with your mad vocal skills.

3. Come in late

Recruiters hate it when you come early. No, seriously. In fact, make them wait a bit. It will buy them some time to prepare for your interview.

4. Dress according to your feelings

Excited? Loud popping colors is a winner. Nervous? Comfortable bunny slippers will ease the jitters. If you don’t know what to wear, bahay-casual is the way to go. Feathers won’t hurt either. Pro tip: business casual is a myth.

5. Be courteous and honest

When you meet your interviewer, be honest with what you think about the office, their outfit, hair, or their choice of perfume. It may seem out of place but really, they’d love to hear your opinion about their choices in life. Honesty is the best policy.

6. Ask the real questions

In fact, go deeper. Don’t just ask about the job or the company because that’s really not interesting at all, don’t you agree? Ask your interviewer about their personal lives. Married? Single? Kids? What’s the color of your bathroom sink? Also, don’t forget to ask for a raise. Yup. Right then and there during the first interview.

7. Palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy

If you’re nervous and get sweaty all over, don’t wipe it on your pants and risk sweat stains. It’s okay to shake the interviewer’s hands, they can wash it afterwards and it leaves no stain . Just make sure you don’t smell bad though. That’s really a turn off.

8. Do you want something to drink?

If they offer you something to drink, never say, “Water is fine, thank you.” They’re offering a drink. Make a special request for coffee, or a Double Shot Mocha from Starbucks. And be sure to ask for a Venti. It’ll make them think you’ve got class.

9. How about something to eat?

Now this part is tricky. Try to resist the urge of eating their food; you don’t know what kind of nuts are in that cookie. So, say no, and then proceed to bring out your baon. Yes, the chicken adobo your mother prepared. But if you forgot to bring baon, make a request for Pizza Hut or Jollibee, whichever one delivers faster.

10. Let them know when they’ll expect to hear from you

The interview is finally over, and you’ve done your very best to make it the awesomest interview they’ll ever have. So before you leave, let them know that you appreciate the time they’ve given to you, and tell them you’ll be reporting for duty first thing Monday morning. #beyourownboss

Ready? Okay. Good Luck!

What day is it today? APRIL FOOL’S, JOBSEEKERS! We hope this gave you a laugh but please, please don’t try any of this at your next interview. Check out this Interview Survival Guide for the real deal. 😉

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