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The Fresh Grad’s Job Application Starter Kit


September 20 • 5 min read


Recent college graduate? You are officially unemployed and part of the multitude of jobseekers in the Philippines—9.1 million to be exact. Are you ready to join the workforce? Are your job application necessities ready? How is your resume looking? How are your pre-employment government documents coming along? If the anxiety started building up, kalma langApplying for a job is probably one of the most exciting yet most difficult (and sometimes frustrating) experiences a job seeker could ever go through. Every interview, may it be a success or a failure, is always an opportunity for you to learn and improve. And since you’re still starting out, and probably don’t know what to do just yet, we  have downloadable templates on the basic application necessities you’ll need for your application process. Now, let’s ride the ship of adulthood!

1. 10 Free Resume Templates For The Creatively Challenged


First on the list, and the most vital piece you need for the job hunt, is your resume. Now, writing an impressive resume may be challenging, but once you get your details figured out, it’s going to be easy. However, we’ve noticed that job applicants often neglect how their resumes actually look. You may not know this, but some recruiters actually judge you by how your resume looks. And by look, we mean how well you arranged and organized the details, color selection, white spaces, the font you chose, and all those graphic details. If you don’t know how to create an eye-catching resume, here are free templates—both classic and creative—to help your resume be noticed.


2. The Cover Letter You’ll Need to Impress Your Future Employer


Whenever you think about applying for jobs, you instantly think about submitting your resume. But that’s not all there is in applying, a cover letter is just as important because this is the first thing your employer will read; your first contact with the recruiter. We really can’t predict what recruiters want, but having a cover letter, or a cover email if you’re applying online will give you an upper hand in ways your resume doesn’t. A cover letter allows you to highlight your best skills that your resume can’t, demonstrate your passion, and show your willingness to learn and put in as much effort as possible.

3. Philippine Government IDs Everyone Needs For Any Job


After perfecting your resume, the cover email, and some set of job interviews, securing your government documents is the next steps to tackle on. In the Philippines, employers are required to obtain government documents and ID numbers for newly hired employees, and it’s your job to accomplish them before the start of your employment date. Our best advice is to get everything ready as early as possible. Accomplishing government documents is tiresome. Trust us. It’s better do it early while you still have a lot of time on your hands.

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