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New Year’s Resolution Every Recruiter Should Have

2016 is expected to be the most exciting year for the Philippines’ job market. With the unemployment rate down, the economy is showing quite a turnaround in employment. Companies are bolstering their hiring efforts, and economists are optimistic this will continue in 2017.

With that in mind, we see this year as a real opportunity for companies to innovate their recruiting and hiring efforts. It is paramount for companies to have hiring programs up and going because finding and bringing on the best candidates is going to become a more intense battleground.

Here are 3 resolutions companies should hopefully practice to get their game up and running for 2017:

1. Embrace social recruiting.

Thanks to the social media channels such as Facebook and LinkedIn, the trend is that hiring on social professional networks have bypassed Internet job boards, company career websites and employee referral programs over the past four years. It’s been the most important and fastest growing source of quality hires. Companies need to make concerted efforts to prioritize sourcing through social networks in the next year.

2. Make hiring a team sport.

The war for talent is in full swing as companies compete for a shrinking pool of talent. As the number of applicants per job continues to decline, how can small- mid-sized companies compete against the corporate giants?

Collaboration is key. Recruiting is a social activity and hiring should be a group decision. Your employees need to size each other up and determine whether a candidate is a good fit . Assemble hiring teams of about three to four people to evaluate and engage with candidates.

3. Approach recruiting with a marketer’s mindset.

Think of your potential candidates as customers. Think: marketing requires knowing supply and demand for talent; creating a “brand” that evokes specific, positive and emotional associations; and developing and targeting messaging that resonates across multiple channels.

It’s all about selling and we need to create a culture of selling to our candidates.

Make the next year as fruitful and as exciting when it comes to recruitment. If you keep these resolutions, you will be able to rise above the crowd and deliver their best year yet.

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3 Simple Ways To Reduce Recruitment Costs

Talent acquisition plays a major part of an organization’s overall costs. Big companies usually have a large pool of money reserved for hiring talent, but not every company has this much resources to shell out.

Considering recruitment costs is something that recruiters and company management frequently have to consider. And thanks to technology, there have been ways on how this can be minimized. The success, of course, will lie on planning what steps should a talent acquisition manager take to contain recruitment costs without sacrificing the search for best talents.

Here are three ways in which you can reduce hiring costs to a minimum and still maintain the quality of hires in the organization.

1. Recruit through social media

Source: aircto.com

According to MyParichay social recruitment survey, there are about 80% of recruiters that have made a successful hire through social media. Hiring through different social media channels actually provides better quality of talent in very minimal to zero cost.

Here, you can use these apps to post job openings, showcase your awesome company culture, and share how your company is shaking the industry on social media. Recruiting here hardly cost anything and with a slight expense, one can easily get the necessary tools that can optimize your effort.

2. Up your company career site

Source: recruitmentworx.com

Using a recruitment system for your company career site creates a secure online environment where applicants can easily upload their resume and other documentation. It also benefits you as it reduces paper processing, streamlines the flow of electronic documents, and makes it simpler and more convenient for applicants. It also opens up the possibility to attract a wider pool of applicants, create, edit, and publicize positions in a few clicks.

3. Adopt pre-screening practices

Source: new.abb.com

There have been a few recruitment platforms that have simplified the whole screening process, so recruiters such as yourself do not have to spend large chunks of valuable time sifting through CVs and resumes one by one. Human resource systems and ATSs (applicant tracking systems) make the sifting process much easier by ensuring that candidates meet specific criteria before submitting their application. Qualified candidates are sent directly to recruiters’ inboxes, saving time and effort that can be allocated to other tasks in the recruitment process.

Want to drastically life your hiring burden? Try these processes out.

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