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Six Jobs to Consider for a Future-Proof Career


July 30 • 13 min read

The steady march of technological advancement continues to significantly impact the job market, and the following are some careers which will be considerably stable for the immediate future

‘The robots are coming’. Although in no way as threatening like in famous movies such as The Terminator or I, Robot, technology taking over is very real, particularly when it comes to our careers and livelihood. Advances such as Artificial Intelligence and automation have made many processes in our work and overall lives easier. However, as no task is too complex, there are some worries about the decreasing number of jobs for humans.

Indeed, tech is set to both, directly and indirectly, transform the job market in the immediate future. Some individual roles will be replaced by software, and these changes may lead to some industries’ rise and fall.

However, the overall job-market will not necessarily shrink. In a report published by multinational professional services network PwC earlier this year, it was found that the number of jobs will remain more-or-less the same in light of the advent of artificial intelligence. The change will happen in the kind of jobs and industries available

In other words, many of us will have to be very considerate of the jobs we apply for to better ensure our employment, and the following are some ‘future-proof’ industries that are presently best-placed to withstand the onslaught of automation.

Artificial Intelligence

It is interesting to note that as much Artificial Intelligence is among the leading causes of the displacement of some jobs, it is also the reason for the creation of new ones, including those within the discipline itself. Various research has seen the global demand for AI skills more than double over the past three years, increasing exponentially as the demand from digitally transforming industries continue to grow.

Job-seeker interest in AI, however, has seemingly leveled off for now. This suggests that employers are going to struggle to fill these positions for at least the immediate future, making it a prime choice as a ‘future-proof’ job. Just keep in mind that AI is a challenging field, with most already in the field possessing some form of software development experience or expertise. If interested in an AI career, training (be it informal/self-taught or a formal program), is highly recommended.

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In line with an increased demand for data and its uses is the need to protect it and its related systems. Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly widespread and are also becoming increasingly sophisticated as big companies and major brands become more digitally inclined. This results to employers always being in need of cybersecurity personnel who can help protect their data but also be able to predict and prepare for future threats.

There are few careers with an unemployment rate worldwide that is close to none, but cybersecurity is one of them, making it an ideal choice for a future-proof career. While not for everyone, some interest and aptitude with computers, combined with a logical mindset, can help get your foot in the Cybersecurity door. There are entry-level positions for those with little-to-no experience, as well as numerous online and offline courses that can be taken to acquire cybersecurity qualifications.

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Healthcare and Medical

Although automation will likely lead to traditional jobs being replaced by technology, an increasing and ageing population will continue to result in a steady demand for nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals. While this doesn’t always guarantee fantastic salaries, it certainly means medical professionals will not be short of a career anytime soon.

Technological advances have also allowed medical professionals to establish careers in places that are more nonconventional to them. Digitization and other technological advancements have opened up opportunities for medical practitioners to work as analysts, consultants, or advisers, and doing so for tech or digital companies whose products or services are within the healthcare, medical, and wellness industries.

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Human Resources

Having the word ‘human’ in one’s job title or description should seemingly be enough to consider it safe from being replaced by machines. Granted, artificial intelligence, data science, and other related technologies are having a significant impact on HR tasks (like candidate sourcing and screening, which *ehem* is among the many things Kalibrr does best). However, when it comes to job interviews and conflict resolution, emotional intelligence remains the king of the crop.

A well-thought-of HR strategy is already an important part of the success of any company. As companies begin competing on a more global level, this will be even more vital. While candidate selection and recruitment are becoming increasingly data-driven, and automatic screening based on machine learning and with the help of analytics is becoming more popular, these have the best chance of success when combined with soft skills and aforementioned emotional intelligence which no machine can provide.

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Real Estate Agent

Like just about anything being sold, real estate can also be found online. However, the conveniences end there, and a real estate agent remains a necessary part of any real property transaction. From brokering deals between buyers and sellers, to conducting property tours and ensuring all legal requirements are met, there are many aspects to the sales and marketing of real estate that machines cannot replicate.

This can be said for just about any type of sale, as it still requires a great deal of empathy and understanding to recognize what buyers want and need, a little creativity to be able to work around the budget they have, and to tailor-fit sales packages that best suits their requirements and provides them the best value for their money.

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Teaching roles continue to be on the rise, especially with roles continuing to evolve as a result of technology, and many professionals seeking secondary degrees and added licenses and certifications to keep up. The increased number of young people have also grown the number of educational institutions, and with no serious presence of automation in teaching, there is no sign that the profession is going anytime soon.

Similar to nursing, a career in education may not guarantee the most glamorous salaries, but it still ensures job security. Those in the industry who would like to go beyond the traditional elementary or high school class room can go the tech route, earning certifications in current and upcoming programs and softwares, which combined with their education background, allow them to teach the in-demand tech to the new string of aspiring tech professionals. Those already in tech can also do the opposite, earning teaching qualifications to formally share their expertise.

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Bonus: Media/Communication/Design

While automation and other related technologies can accomplish a lot, it remains unable to develop new or out-of-the-box ideas. With that, creative professions that focus on a complex combination of ideas- be it developing text, creating images, or a combination of these, to convey shared cultural and social values- will not be so quickly taken over by machines.

This is not to say creative professions such as media, communication, and design do not evolve as a result of tech. There continues new tools for creatives to explore and eventually master for improved creative output, while the creation and continued development of new media such as social media has allowed for the digital marketing industry to continue to grow and remain quite promising, especially in markets that are still underdeveloped. Therefore, social intelligence and knowledge of new tech media are highly desirable skills in the future.

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