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Notable Engineering and Architecture Jobs to Apply to Now


May 27 • 8 min read


Engineers and architects like you are in constant demand because of continuous technological developments. The following are some career opportunities which are worth considering.

As communities and economies continue to prod along, engineers and architects continue to play a key role in development. They are responsible for ensuring that the entire populace has the foundations needed to go about their own lives and livelihood, be it via new infrastructure or with the continued use and improvement of the various tools and technologies they use, among others.

With that, engineers and architects have understandably remained among the most in-demand professionals around, as various companies continue to have a need for technically proficient individuals to lead and contribute in their business’s various development projects and technological initiatives.

If you happen to be one of these professionals who have gone through the rigors of earning your license and continue to make efforts in keeping up with advances in your industry, the following opportunities may be worth considering as you proceed with your job search.

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineering is considered among the oldest and broadest engineering disciplines, and continues to grow and evolve as the related mechanical technologies, and the market’s mechanical requirements, also grow and evolve. As more businesses across the world leverage technology to improve their overall processes, mechanical and electrical experts will continue to see a demand on their services, all but ensuring you have opportunities as a mechanical engineer now and in the foreseeable future.

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MEPFS Engineer / Coordinator

Among the most important, and possibly among the most well-known, roles of engineers in the community is ensuring the quality of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and sanitary works of commercial, residential and industrial areas, and that each comply with the approved contracts, construction specifics, and installation schedules associated with each. Because a range of skills is required of an MEPFS professional, this engineering role is also amongst the highest earning in the present job market.

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Project Architect

While not the newest of professions, architecture continues to be among the most popular professions. Apart from the opportunity to design and develop homes, buildings, and other structures that have the potential to become well-known landmarks, being an architect almost always means having the opportunity to work with major real estate developers such as Ayala Land, AboitizLand, and Empire East.

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Electrical Engineer / Coordinator

Another engineering role closely related with the operations of buildings and businesses, electrical engineers are needed in just about all types of industries. Among the responsibilities often expected of licensed electrical engineers are the design and development of new electrical systems, troubleshooting of problems which emerge in existing systems, and the continued testing and maintenance of related equipment.

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Project Engineer

Often described as a liaison between the project manager and the technical experts involved in a project, a project engineer is responsible for schedule preparation, pre-planning, and resource forecasting for engineering and other technical activities. As projects vary between companies and industries, the expertise expected of a project engineer can also vary, but often, one is required to at least be proficient in engineering standards, supporting software, and project management and implementation.

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Junior Architect

Like other professions, junior positions are also available in engineering and architecture. These provide younger employees with the opportunity to not only learn on the job but learn from colleagues with a great deal of experience and have extensive portfolios of projects. Junior architects are among the most in demand of these roles, as most senior architects have a junior working with them.

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