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Move Your Tech Career Forward With These Senior Roles


June 04 • 10 min read


As technology continues to push businesses forward, it can also advance your career, as employers are always on the lookout for experienced professionals to lead their digital initiatives

It is now well documented how technology is a major aspect in almost all the different operations of most companies. From digitized customer services to leveraging the internet to reach a wider market, technology has been ingrained in almost every part of the business.

Tech in itself continues to be one of the biggest industries in the world, with continued advancement yielding just as many related products and services. And, as companies continue to push their businesses forward by using new tech or being the ones developing it, they continue to need people who are ready to take the lead in reaching their different goals.

The following are several opportunities for experienced professionals who want to move up the ranks and take on a bigger role in the tech industry.

Senior Associate

Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing and diversified aspects of the tech industry since it applies to most businesses. Essentially two industries combined, digital marketing is an entire business altogether and digital marketing companies often need reliable associates to work with their clients.

If you’ve happened to be an associate before, your experience may come in handy as a Senior Associate for digital marketing or tech companies, especially when the experience you have is already within the industry. As a Senior Associate, you’ll not only manage your employer’s account portfolio and serve as a liaison between clients and your company’s tech teams but also be responsible for supervising junior associates, among others.

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Microsoft Azure Administrator

Another testament to tech and digital’s continued advancement is how certain software or solutions can be an expertise in itself, and the greater the involvement of a company is in the tech or digital space, the more likely it needs executives who have a proven expertise in particular software or solutions.

An example of these are companies like Accenture, which, as a provider of services in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations, has offices in various countries like the Philippines, and are in need of various specialty tech professionals. These include Microsoft Azure Administrators, who are tasked to review cloud architecture and recommend improvements, lead teams in managing and troubleshooting Virtual Machine issues, as well as upskill team members on Azure cloud implementation and administration.

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Network Officer

As previously mentioned, digital technology is significantly present in almost all industries today, presenting you with the opportunity to explore other industries while still advancing your career in the tech and digital space. Consider the opportunity to be more extensive if the company itself is involved in a host of businesses, allowing you and your tech expertise be involved in various industries and/or markets

Among these are the likes of PHINMA Incorporated, a company with businesses in real estate and hospitality, as well involvement in education and consulting, among others. As a Network Officer in this and similar companies, you have the opportunity to manage and administer the network infrastructure of a well-known brand, while also adding to your experience in ensuring proper IT security policies and the Data Privacy Act guidelines are implemented.

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Full-Stack Engineer

Web applications continue to become increasingly prevalent, as these help customers and clients have an easier time accessing a company’s products and services, while at the same time make it easier for the latter to conduct business operations and ultimately provide the best possible service to the former. Because of this, Full-Stack engineers are constantly in demand with different employers.

Among these employers are those in the tech and healthcare sector, such as those like MariaHealth, who are building modern software to make healthcare accessible for groups and individuals. Along with writing code, you’ll also play a significant role in building the health insurance provider from the ground up and always having end-users in mind.

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I.T. Specialist

Probably what most companies have in common is that they have an I.T. Specialist overseeing all I.T. operations and processes for their business. This is particularly true when companies are in industries that are not directly involved in tech, hence the need for tech experts who can ensure that the systems they need for communications and other basic operations are running smoothly and are always up to date.

These types of tech roles are common in even some of the larger companies in the country, like those of Aboitiz Power. Such large operations require compliance to a number of policies and standards, and as an I.T. Specialist, you ensure this on the voice and communications end, in addition to being responsible for the delivery of IT support services, among others.

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