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#MidnightHugots for the Single and Lonely Officeworker


April 15 • 3 min read

One priority jobseekers have is a working schedule that makes sense with the rest of their daily lives. Some people get to clock in at noon and leave at 5pm. Others aren’t as lucky and and they have to work the late hours known as the graveyard shift. This is when the night owls and double shifters thrive. So even if the sun isn’t up, life and it’s woes keep on keeping on…

For when you know you’ve been at the office for too long:

There’s always someone who never makes it to meetings:

When you just missed the last ride to the office:

Coffee breaks can’t fix everything:

Rush hour at the office cafeteria:

At long, long last—lunch break:

Dearest job at this moment in time:

When you pitch your good idea and it wasn’t such a good idea after all:

You and the elevator:

Your boss when s/he reads your #MidnightHugot tweets:

Konti na lang, friends! The sun will come out tomorrow…

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