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Kalibrr and PUP Redefine Marketing in the 60th Annual Marketing Week


September 06 • 3 min read

Rain showers did not stop the Junior Marketing Executives (JME) of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) Manila from celebrating its 60th Marketing Week last July 26-29. Entitled MABUHAY: A reMARKable Philippine Escapade, the celebration gave tribute to Philippine culture with Aliwan: The Feast of the Bliss Makers and Indayog: Revamping its Rhythm as some of their benchmark events.


JME is the biggest student organization in PUP Manila with over 1,500 members. It was recognized as the Outstanding Junior Marketing Association in the Philippines in 2016 by the Philippine Junior Marketing Association (PJMA). PUP JME President Paul Andrew Buscano stressed the organization’s advocacy: transform its members into capable marketers who will lead future industries. Privileged to be part of Buscano’s vision, Kalibrr joined PUP JME in honing these students to be career-ready.

PUP Brand Ambassador Cristina Maling once again represented Kalibrr in this weeklong celebration showing the benefits of using the platform for marketing students. As a marketing management student herself, she had more than 1,260 jobs in sales and marketing to choose from. Excited by the prospects, she gladly shared this information with her course-mates. At the end of the week, PUP JME awarded top performing marketing students in various events: a film competition (Lente: Reel of Patriotic Marketers) and an idea pitching competition, Panukala: Unveiling the Scheme of Pitching. Even with the heavy rains, the organization managed to stay on top and deliver a great event that students will definitely remember.We’re a big fan of these events. If you’re as excited as we are, be sure to catch us at your school very soon!

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