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IT Jobseekers, Let Indonesian Companies Find You


April 07 • 4 min read

Yesterday we caught-up with Edward Fernando, a Senior Full Stack Programmer, to share his experience working at an innovative Indonesian start-up, Jualo.

What do you like the most about working at Jualo?

“Jualo always creates great experiences for me to make significant contributions. As a developer in Jualo, I’m able to contribute to the decision making process. It’s because here we believe in the concept of small team, big impact. In Jualo, we move at a very fast pace and we know our opinions are always well heard. In the company we work as a team together, but also care to know each other personally.”

What are the most important aspects to be successful in an IT Department?

“Attitude. It’s not about being quiet or passive, but it’s about giving respect to everyone no matter where they are positioned in the company. The second thing is about the eagerness to learn something new. Working at start-ups requires you to make huge changes in speed, so remember to adapt and be proactive in order to not fall behind. Lastly, as we’re moving fast, we will also need to be empathetic towards one another and not force our own ideas to happen. It’s about making contributions together, not progressing alone.”

“It’s about putting respect to everyone no matter where they are positioned in the company.”


How did you find Kalibrr?

“I wasn’t really looking for a job at the time. However, my friend from another start-up had a successful hiring experience through Kalibrr. He recommended me to sign up, and who knew? Not long after, Ahmed, the CTO of Jualo reached out to me personally and now I have a well-matched job!

“I really love the idea of Kalibrr’s skill assessments to know my own skills. We also get faster responses from recruiters. We don’t just apply and pray. Jobseekers get to anticipate results from their application, and it equalizes the recruitment process for both sides. As an IT jobseeker I think it’s really worth it to explore Kalibrr.”

Do you have any other tips for IT jobseekers fresh graduates?

“As students, I would recommend you to take opportunities by joining internships, competitions or even make your own personal projects – these will enhance your value proposition as a candidate applying for a position. As new jobseekers, never stop seeking for experience in a working environment. Don’t let good opportunities slip away just because of compensation.”

Edward had shared from his experience that working in as a developer is about the motivation to making changes in speed together. Thank you Edward for inspiring us of what it actually means to be a progressive developer!

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