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How This Company Can Help Grow Your Career While Letting You Have Fun


June 05 • 13 min read

Have you ever wondered how tech giants like Facebook and Google are one of the most sought after places to work in? We all know that apart from being great innovators, they are also known to be good employers. Which begs the question: what makes a good company good?

Companies that stand out from the herd usually owe its success to good leaders who can create a great working environment. Employees like leaders who are likable, understands their needs, has the ability to motivate and energize the workplace to reach their goals. And it’s refreshing to see that there are a number of companies in the Philippines who are replicating this kind of culture.

This is what Curo Teknika practices in their workplace—where the manager’s priorities are not only to deliver results, but also build an atmosphere where working is synonymous with having fun. And wouldn’t you want to be part of a company who knows how to have a good time?


Curo Teknika, an ePLDT company that helps diverse industries and sectors tend critical challenges through I.T. support and Call Center Management, is one of the many BPO companies who knows how to play just as hard as they work.

As soon as you enter their bright golden office, you are greeted with smiles, and the sound of soft laughters, which clearly shows what it feels like working here. And whether it’s dressing up for a holiday party, or dressing down like a zombie for Halloween, it seems as though the managers are on the right track in making sure their employees love coming to work.

But what’s the secret? Just how do the leaders, the ultimate influencers, manage to bring a very young, diverse group of people together and create engaging employees who are involved in and enthusiastic about their work and workplace? Let’s find out.

They are awesome motivators.

“It’s not always just fun, you have to compensate them as well. Other than the monetary benefits, the experience of being with a great team, and the trainings we give to develop and enhance their skills are also ways to motivate them,” says the very high-spirited Rency Herrero, Head of the Talent Acquisition Group, the person who’s responsible for getting the best recruits, and also manages the most diverse yet happiest team in Curo Teknika.


She also added that the support you give is a strong motivator — a pat on the back, or even hitting up a thank you Viber message. “You have to show them that you care; that you’re sincere because you need to build a good relationship with them.” It’s the simple acts of kindness and appreciation such as this you can find common among the managers.

But behind every manager is a mentor who not only oversees the Talent Acquisition Group but also gives them the love, support, and guidance they need, and for them, that’s Josette Lloren, Assistant Vice President of Human Resource group. “Ms. Josette is very supportive. What’s so nice about having her is that it’s not only me who’s pushing the team, she’s also there to motivate them. When you request for something, or if you have someone you’d want to recommend, she’s really easy to talk to,” described Rency.


Even an experienced manager still needs all the help they can get from those who have been there to experience the ups and downs of leading a team, and for Rency, she found that kind of mentorship from her boss, Ms. Josette.

But probably the ultimate motivational tactic Curo Teknika has is their year-long Dragon’s Lair Program wherein they have different “battles” planned throughout the year, and if a team wins a challenge, they get golden coins. By the end of the year, whoever is the team that scores the highest will be named the Dragon’s Lair Champion. So, if one member doesn’t reach their quota, it’s going to affect the whole team. The words “team effort” has never been quite this exciting.

With names inspired from the Game of Thrones houses representing each team, huge GoT-inspired scoreboards with faces of top performing agents, and shiny golden trophies along their office halls for everyone to see is one great way to empower the agents to strive for the best.


They encourage open communication.

Communication is the basis of a healthy relationship, and in Curo Teknika, they see to it that open communication is achieved in the workplace for them to move forward and grow as a company.

“Apart from having a healthy working environment we have here in Curo Teknika, open communication is also very important, because if you don’t talk to each other, how can you help? We need to have [open communication] because if the person is happy, then they won’t feel the stresses of daily work,” says Rency.


For Service Delivery Manager Al Sampaga, he encourages his team to approach him whenever they have concerns regarding work. “As much as possible, if one of my agents have concerns or problems regarding work, I would give everything I could to help. They just need to openly talk to me.”

They balance work and play.

The managers in Curo Teknika are promoting work-life balance to the extremes. The employees want someone who will make them feel like it’s not just purely work, because other than the technical aspect, their daily jobs also requires them to think their brains out.

“When it comes to work, we work, but we also have a fun side. For instance, our boss is into parties, so we’d have parties at Republiq, Pool Palace, and in Valkyrie. This is, in a way, to balance ourselves from stresses of our jobs,” mentioned Al.


Their eyes lit up and the tone of their voices resonated with enthusiasm when they described the activities they had last year. You can tell how excited they are for their teams for this year’s Dragon’s Lair. The management has included Halloween costume contests, a whole day of Fun Land activities, and even eco-civic activities in their list to win the Golden Dragon Cup. When it comes to work, they work hard, but Curo Teknika seems to have a child-like vibe to them, so play is always in their vocabulary.


They are incredible influencers.

“I think one way to make a great team is to have a group of people think positively. Because if they have a positive outlook in life, it’s very easy to train them, to mobilize and strategize planning, and be able to reach our targets fast,” said Al.


He added that it’s a manager’s job to be an example of a person of positivity, to encourage them to look at the bright side even in the most challenging circumstances.

“You need to be transparent. Don’t just let them work, because people will work if they know why and what they are working for,” calmly said Head Service Delivery Manager Geri Galinea, who handles the largest team in Curo Teknika (600+ agents to give emphasis). She added that the managers need to be great influencers as well to spark motivation. “I cannot motivate you, only you yourself can motivate yourself, however, I can influence you to be motivated.”


True enough, these managers are great influencers in their own way, because not only do they manage the stresses of day to day operations, they also lead, empower, and build a working environment that’s enjoyable for everyone at the same time.

In Curo Teknika, they strive to be P.❤.S.I.B.L.E Pride, , Service with a Smile, Innovation, Bilis, Lakas, Excellence—and if you spend just a short time with them, you’ll easily notice that the managers have entirely been emanating this viewpoint. You could just imagine how inspiring they must be when they’re with their teams.

Interested to find out what it’s like at Curo Teknika for yourself?

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