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Getting Through Work Kung “Meron” Ka


March 10 • 6 min read

Words of wisdom and career advice from Tita Kalli

Dear Janine,

I know exactly what you mean. Well, maybe not, exactly. I’ve never had to balance a tray of individually packed meal items while asking the next person, “Chicken or beef?”

I do, however, know what it’s like when the red monster decides to pay me a visit while I’m at work and it sucks. Just like you, timing isn’t exactly her strong suit with me either. One time, I was doing  a presentation in front of a panel and she decided she wanted to contribute. Jusko ‘day!

Luckily, I’ve learned a few tricks that have helped me tame shark week and hopefully they work for you too. 🙂

Feed her properly

hungry rugrats food fat period

While your body will induce a craving for every type of food, resist the urge to indulge. I’m sorry to say this, sweetie, but sugar, salt, and coffee are not your friends during your cycle. When your blood sugar fluctuates, it makes you even more irritable than you already are. Salt in your body causes you to retain more water and make you feel like a beluga whale, and caffeine ups your estrogen production which means PMS goes up too.

Get lots of vitamin C and B6 to help with your metabolism. Chicken, fish, nits, potatoes, eggs, citrus fruits, bananas, lots of water, and fresh vegetables. The office canteen or the crew menu on board is bound to have something on that list, right?

Shake it off

As much I would love to crawl into the warm corner of the couch when Bleeding Love plays, I don’t. As long as I’m not in unmanageable pain, I stay on my feet and keep moving. If possible, I try to get a workout in because the endorphins alleviate anxiety, lethargy, and headaches.

barbie 80s vintage retro 1980s

It’s difficult to get this going but once you do, your ovaries will thank you for it. You’re lucky your work keeps you on your feet, Janine. I know it isn’t too comfortable but it it good for you (and her). For those of you ladies with jobs that keep you glued to a computer screen all day, try working standing up. It looks funny but it feels great and it allows you to move your feet even just a little. If you eat standing up too, it helps with digestion *ahem, weight loss*. O diba, two for one!

Dress her up

Did you ever notice that when you wear a good outfit, yung feel mong suotin, it often turns out to be a good day? Most women I know choose to wear their ugly underwear kasi baka matagosan sila, which would make sense if stains stopped after one layer. They don’t. Wear your second best underwear (wag naman si #1) and even if your body tells you the day is going to suck, your underwear says otherwise. On the outside, dress in something that makes you feel good. Don’t let a sucky day be suckier. As an insurance policy, dress in darker colors to hide any accidents. Period or no period, black is your friend. If you have a uniform at work, take the necessary bathroom breaks to change your napkin or tampon. Anong paki ng iba kung kailangan mo mag-banyo?jennifer aniston period menstrual cramps friends rachel green

If all else fails, remember that every woman is part of the period club. When your ovaries decide to avail of membership services, you are not alone. Eventually the cycles of you and friends at work will sync at pwede na kayo magstart ng period support group sa office. If she pays a surprise visit, no woman would deny you an emergency pad. Whisper sisters always,

Tita Kalli

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