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Entry-Level Jobs Available to K-12 Graduates


April 30 • 8 min read

While only time will tell how far the K-12 program will help high school grads earn career opportunities, there are already various jobs on the market which graduates can apply for

Since it’s introduction in 2011 and subsequent implementation in 2013, the Kindergarten through 12th grade (K-12) educational program has since produced its first batch of graduates in 2018, with another batch graduating soon. It remains to be seen how beneficial K-12 has been and will be for students, as one set of graduates (or even two) is surely not enough to gauge the effectivity of the program.

Regardless, there continues to be some debate regarding the employability of K-12 grads. Some parties insist that K-12 students may still not be as skilled as they need to be to acquire meaningful jobs, while others (mainly the proponents of the program), believe that employers must also be more open to hiring K-12 graduates, gauging them on their skills and leveraging their youth by developing their capabilities further.

As various industries, and the country at large, continues to wait and see, some companies already offer opportunities which K-12 grads can apply for. Granted, these same jobs are open to those who’ve completed some years or full graduated higher education courses, but they can also be qualified for by possessing certain skills.

Customer Service Associate

Not surprisingly, positions within Business Process Outsourcing companies is among the most common jobs available to K-12 grads, as the industry has traditionally been open to applicants sans college degrees.

Customer service roles are consistently in demand, and if you are a K-12 grad who chooses to forego your higher education (or will work to save up for college), jobs such as this is ideal to earn a significant amount and to be able to work in well-known BPO companies.

Customer Solutions Officer

While some BPOs are known to outsource services to other companies, there are others which are the direct BPO centers for a company. Customer Solutions Officers are often the careers in such BPOs, where the main responsibilities are to cater to the concerns of the clients of the company.

Working directly for a company, as opposed to providing services to one by working for the business it outsources to, allows you to directly involved in an industry, an option to look into as a K-12 graduate who wants an early start on a BPO career while being affiliated with major corporate brand.


Senior Executive Recruiter

Contrary to common belief, high school or K-12 grads are not limited to working for BPOs or doing clerical work or manual labor. Being willing to be trained, and working on skills desired by employers in the industries you want to be in, can be enough to qualify you for other executive positions.

One such opportunity is as an Executive Recruiter. Recruitment is an important aspect of hiring for any business, and often the skills recruiters use are acquired through experience and not in the academe, making it an opportunity that is seemingly suited for K-12 grads ready to embark on a career in human resources.

Sales Associate Internship Program

Sales is another career which several skills and techniques are learned on the job. As a K-12 grad, you can acquire and improve your skills in the sales industry by gaining experience as an associate or intern.

Sales professionals and an important aspect of most businesses, and some of the largest companies in the country feature internship programs that can provide you an avenue to learn new sales skills, as well as be parlayed into an actual sales career.

Packaging Trainee

Storage, distribution, and logistics is an important aspect of many businesses, and with technology making products and services available with a touch of a button, it is now more complex than ever.

You can get your start in this industry as a trainee, and given how many international brands now hold office in the country, you can find yourself working for a well-known company, handling their products and playing an integral part in their growth in the local market, while also growing your career along the way.

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