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How This IT Risk Manager Flourished with Kalibrr Pro

With technology-based systems, data, and processes now almost ubiquitous in today’s modern workplace, one would think that security for these would be a top priority for most companies.

But when you ask Jed Languayan, the IT Risk Officer of Bank of Makati begs to disagree. “You’d be surprised at how many companies don’t see the full need of IT security,” he started. “That’s why I take my job so seriously: it’s not every day you find a company that invests a lot in this technology. At the end of the day, doing my job well means protecting the customer.”

Indeed, the AMA Computer Learning Center graduate has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to the role of IT. “I’ve always been driven by the pursuit of continuous improvement: for process standards, work methods, and operation strategies,” he shared excitedly. “Ultimately, this doesn’t just make work easier for everyone—it also guarantees that clients get what they paid for. And that’s important.”

Jed Languayan

Finding more than just a job

This strong moral code in his work isn’t the only thing admirable about Jed. When one delves deeper into his professional philosophy, one gets impressed with his views that aren’t just typical platitudes.

“Challenge is my personal preference. Being an IT Servicing professional, I want to make a career out of an opportunity, not just a job,” he states. “When choosing which company to work for, you have to see the path you can pursue there in the long run. If you don’t see yourself growing, go with something else.”

Savvy jobseeker that he is, it’s not surprising then that Languayan has reached this point in his career. After successful stints in RightCloud and GrabAgility, along with a completed online course in Operations Management from The Wharton School via Coursera, he was glad to finally land his current role at Bank of Makati.

“When I left my previous company, I was looking for something that would expose me to IT governance,” said Jed. “I wanted something that was managerial. Being that high up would mean enabling me to evaluate the performance of the whole IT scope within an organization.”

And land it he did. But it wasn’t just professional philosophies that got him the role—Jed has his strategic tactics, too. “When I’m looking for a good job, I look at two main factors: the role and the company. If the role isn’t challenging enough, I look elsewhere,” he says.

“And you can assess if a company is good through a few key metrics: years in the market, compensation packages, if they truly understand the needs of the customer, and of course, how much they invest in their employees,” he added. “But it’s not that easy to find a company that satisfies all four.”

Indeed, when Kalibrr Pro came calling, Jed was pleasantly surprised. “I had just left my previous role, but I wasn’t really looking for a job right then. That’s why when the recruiter from Kalibrr Pro called, I was glad.”

More than just being a recruiter

Based on Jed’s account, he was ultimately turned down for the first role that the recruiter endorsed him for. But she was bent on helping him land a great role.

“My recruiter was determined to find me a great fit. I was really impressed when she followed through, giving me this opportunity even when I didn’t pass the first one,” he shared. “I thought to myself, ‘Wow, galing ah!”

Jed was very thankful for the relentless support of his recruiter. But let’s not forget the work he put in, too: “When a recruiter approaches you, it’s okay to really be transparent about everything with them. They have the intention to connect you with the right company and opportunity. Being extremely honest enhances the chances that you’d really benefit from each other.”

And it seems like it worked. Now that Languayan has settled into his new role, he’s not looking back. “I’m definitely recommending Kalibrr to my colleagues. There’s really a personal touch when you interact with [their recruiters]. I’m glad I got connected to my current role through them.”

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The 3 Best Insider Tips From a Time-Management Master

Time management master Laura Vanderkam has written several books, including the best-seller 168 Hours, on how even the most in-demand leaders maintain incredible productivity. Both she and I agree that the most precious resource you have isn’t money, but time.

Here are three master tips she shared for a strong time management system:

1. Write down how you spend your time

Create a time journal, not unlike people concerned with their eating habits create a food journal. How can you maximize your time if you aren’t sure how you’re really spending it?

Vanderkam admitted that she thought she worked 60 hours a week but, after keeping a time journal for several months, realized it was closer to 40 hours a week. By keeping a journal, you can squeeze out the inefficiencies and better understand why you may not feel as productive as you think you should be.

2. Do a (time) portfolio review

Do a portfolio review of how you spend your time, just like you would for stock performance. In this case, however, you are looking at the allocation of your time assets. Are you spending 10 percent of your time sending and tracking invoicing? Then we’re talking five to six weeks out of every year.

Vanderkam found that virtual assistants, interns, and smart software can help immensely – and the financial outlay pales compared to the time you save. How else could you be growing your business with the proverbial 10 percent of your year you’d get back?

3. Done is better than perfect

The ultimate time suck is perfection. Spending too much time perfecting a product or service not only can hurt your business, but it can create an opportunity cost for the other great, new things you could be working on (the brilliant, conflicted artist Kanye West is a perfect example).

Vanderkam highly recommends this: “Let it go. Done is better than perfect.” Think about the last time you spent an inordinate amount of time for an incremental improvement on a completed project. Now imagine all the other things you could have been doing with that time. At a certain point, spending more time on something will provide significantly diminished returns. Being honest about when you reach that point is perhaps the toughest, most important skill in great time management.

This article was originally written by Damon Brown. He co-founded the Apple Top 10 app Cuddlr, jump-starting the platonic connection industry. A TED speaker. His latest book is The Bite-Sized Entrepreneur: 21 Ways to Ignite Your Passion & Pursue Your Side Hustle@browndamon

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Kalibrr CEO suggests the use of social media in recruiting talents at 10th Philippine HR Summit

In this age when everything is mobile and almost everyone is online, how can companies and businesses leverage social media to reach and attract talents?

Kalibrr CEO Paul Rivera brought this issue into light at the 10th Philippine HR Summit held last August 3 and 4 at the Crowne Plaza Galleria.  Speaking in front of HR leaders, executives, and CEOs, Paul shared how companies must include a sales and marketing perspective in the business of recruiting.

“You have to sell, get them excited, not just about the career, but about the opportunity and the vision of the organization,” he shared.

Paul also mentioned that using only one sourcing channel would not help companies reach and attract the talents that they want. He said that job platforms today attract a specific demographic of people and companies must think about the right channels to use to reach talents.

Aside from job matching platforms like Kalibrr, Paul also advised companies to own their career websites and make use of platforms like Facebook in running digital ads and publishing content. He emphasized that ads must be relevant and visually appealing.  

“Don’t be the company that just takes a random stock photo and puts in on Facebook. There’s a lot talented designers in the Philippines. You just have to make sure that you want to invest in that,” said Paul on creating content that work on social media.

Paul also suggests for companies to be authentic in the story that they tell. This, he said, can be done by highlighting the people and the growth that they have gotten in the organization.

The 10th Philippine HR Summit is an annual gathering and conference of HR professionals with keynote talks focused on the changing landscape of HR industry. This year, the summit revolved around the topics of employer branding, the use of technology and social media in HR, and modern challenges in the workplace.

If you or your organization is interested in inviting Kalibrr as a speaker, email our Country Marketing Manager Jan L. Garrovillo at

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6 Important Management Questions to Ask (and Keep Employees from Quitting)

Gallup, the research-based, global performance-management consulting company, has been measuring employee engagement data for nearly two decades, and the numbers have remained dismal. In an opinion piece released last month, Gallup CEO Jim Clifton said this:

Only 15% of the world’s one billion full-time workers are engaged at work. It is significantly better in the U.S., at around 30% engaged, but this still means that roughly 70% of American workers aren’t engaged. It would change the world if we did better.

What the whole world wants is a good job, and we are failing to deliver it — particularly to millennials. This means human development is failing, too. Most millennials are coming to work with great enthusiasm, but the old management practices — forms, gaps and annual reviews — grinds the life out of them.


If you’re in a leadership role, the first step to high engagement is to assess your own perception of how your employees feel. To start, ask yourself these 6 management questions to help you diagnose the situation.

6 questions to ask yourself

If you can answer all six of these questions with a resounding “yes,” you passed the engagement test and may be well on your way to helping to release discretionary effort across the organization.

  1. Do your employees believe that you want to hear their ideas and will value them?
  2. Do your employees understand how their daily work helps accomplish the organization’s goals?
  3. Do your employees communicate their ideas and vision for the organization when you are around?
  4. Do you frequently acknowledge and recognize each employee for his or her contribution — in ways that matter most to each?
  5. Do they believe that you are committed to helping them develop and grow?
  6. Do you regularly offer career path guidance to your people?

What to do next…

If these questions confirm what you already know to be truth, be ready to take action with intent. Effective engagement stems from a mindset of wanting to best meet the needs of each employee so they are equipped to succeed. In turn, they will give you their best work. This can only happen when mutual trust, respect, encouragement, and affirmation are clearly displayed along the way.

This article was originally written by Marcel Schwantes, a principal and founder of Leadership From the Core, a leading provider of servant-leadership training and coaching designed to create healthy, engaged, and profitable work cultures.

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Why You Should Be Hiring People With Grit

Imagine a company where the demands of work is immense; where the environment is complex and challenging. What qualities should an employee have for him to be able to handle the pressure?

Employee turnover is an ongoing concern for many companies around the world. Turnover rates can be extremely costly, it can impact employee engagement, and company-wide productivity. It is but proper that employers make the right decisions when it comes to recruitment. One notable characteristic elevates quality candidates from the rest—grit.

If the environment in your company is demanding then grit is important.

Based on a research by Paul G. Stoltz, he equates one quality – grit – with higher chances of succeeding, being hired and being promoted. He defines GRIT as growth, resilience, instinct, and tenacity. Put simply, grit is mental toughness. It’s the ability to work our way through a tricky situation.

When interviewing candidates, here are four helpful ways you can utilize grit when the situation calls for it, and separate the “gritty” candidates from the rest.

1. Growth: Stepping up in a sticky situation

One component of mental toughness is asking a candidate how they would deal with an issue that their senior might probably face. Will they sink or swim? This requires growth.

When you’ve established competence in the core requirements of the role, you can take it up a notch and ask candidates to exercise judgement on a certain issue. It could be dealing with suppliers, resolving a customer complaint, or presenting to senior management. They don’t have to excel in this test, what’s important is for you to see their willingness to take on a challenge.

2. Resilience: Handling failure

Failure is inevitable. At one point or another, a person or a business will experience defeat in life. In startup communities, failures are commonly discussed, and often celebrated. But one vital thing about it is that startups fail fast, learn and move on. This requires resilience.

Ask candidates for an example of failure in their careers.  Give them time to tell the story their own way. The important thing to look for is what they did next and what their attitude was to overcome that failure.

3. Instinct: An unhappy customer

In any kind of industry, you will always have customers. And often times those customers will be dissatisfied with your product or service. They will be unreasonable. And in this world, the customer is always right.

Now, put your candidates in a high-pressured, customer-facing situation, where they are required to use their instinct and forced to make a difficult decision. And because customers want answers fast, give them a time limit. To identify a good candidate, they will usually respond to these demands with composure and will make the customer feel important and valued.

4. Tenacity: Going outside your comfort zone

There are instances in life that we are pressed to do something outside our comfort zones — cold calling a potential client, asking a person for a date, approaching a stranger in a networking event. These are situations that make us anxious, and experience the awful feeling of rejection. But we do it anyway. This requires having a tenacious attitude.

Take your candidates outside their comfort zones, and give them an obstacle which will spark fear and see if they can overcome it. One challenge is to tell them that the final stage of their interview process is to call a senior executive in the company and convince him/her why they are the best candidate in 60 seconds.

If you incorporate an assessment for mental toughness into your hiring process you will learn a lot about your future employees’ character.

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Recruit & Travel #KalibrrRecruitersChallenge

Rasakan mudahnya merekrut melalui #KalibrrRecruitersChallenge! Dapatkan solusi terbaik untuk rekrutmen Anda dan ikutilah HR Summit & Expo Asia yang dihadiri oleh para HR expert dari perusahaan yang mendunia seperti Netflix, eBay dan Lazada. Anda bisa mendapatkan perjalanan dan akomodasi tanpa biaya, hanya dengan 3 langkah mudah ini:

1. Bergabunglah dengan Kalibrr gratis!

Daftarkan perusahaan Anda untuk menggunakan sistem rekrutmen kami bebas biaya!

2. Jadwalkan hanya tiga interview dalam dua minggu

Wawancara tiga kandidat terbaik Anda dalam periode free trial kami.

3. Menangkan perjalanan ke HR Summit Asia 2017 di Singapura untuk 2 orang!

Dapatkan kesempatan untuk terbang ke Singapura dan hadiri convensi HR terbaik se-Asia bersama dengan rekan Anda.

Syarat dan Ketentuan #KalibrrRecruitersChallenge:

1. Campaign #KalibrrRecruitersChallenge diselenggarakan oleh PT. Kalibrr Teknologi Personalia. Pihak penyelenggara akan memulai campaign pada 15 Desember 2016 sampai dengan tanggal 15 Maret 2017, kedua tanggal tersebut dinamakan Periode Kampanye. Pihak penyelenggara berhak untuk mengakhiri Campaign lebih awal dari tanggal yang telah ditetapkan, yaitu 15 Maret 2017. Aplikasi yang diterima setelah Periode Kampanye tidak akan berlaku.

2. Campaign ini terbuka untuk semua peserta dari perusahaan yang:

  1. Baru pertama kali menggunakan Kalibrr dalam proses rekrutmen perusahaan
  2. Telah mendapatkan periode percobaan gratis dari Kalibrr, namun belum memulai penggunaan fasilitas Kalibrr

3. Kategori berikut adalah peserta dari perusahaan yang tidak memenuhi syarat untuk mengikuti campaign ini:

  1. Sudah menggunakan periode percobaan gratis sebelum campaign ini dimulai
  2. Sudah berlangganan dengan Kalibrr
  3. Sudah memiliki akses Kalibrr sebagai rekruter sebelum campaign ini dimulai

4. Berikut adalah proses campaign #KalibrrRecruitersChallenge:

  1. Peserta dari perusahaan yang bersangkutan akan mendaftar untuk berpartisipasi dalam #KalibrrRecruitersChallenge melalui website
  2. Peserta dari perusahaan yang bersangkutan akan dikonfirmasi dari pihak penyelenggara, dan akan diberikan akses untuk mengikuti campaign.
    1. Peserta dari perusahaan yang bersangkutan akan memiliki akses untuk memasang lowongan kerja tanpa batas
  3. Peserta dari perusahaan yang bersangkutan akan diberikan percobaan gratis untuk menggunakan fasilitas Kalibrr selama dua minggu (14 hari)
    1. Hari akses diberikan kepada perusahaan adalah hari pertama dari periode percobaan gratis selama dua minggu (14 hari)
  4. Peserta dari perusahaan yang bersangkutan akan menggunakan Applicant Tracking System (ATS) dari Kalibrr sebagai bukti penggunaan Kalibrr, dengan memindahkan minimal tiga kandidat ke posisi “Interview” atau “Wawancara” dalam periode free trial dan menjadwalkan wawancara dengan “Interview Scheduler” atau “Penjadwal Wawancara”
  5. Peserta dari perusahaan yang bersangkutan diperbolehkan untuk merekrut melalui fasilitas Kalibrr
  6. PT. Kalibrr Teknologi Personalia akan mengkonfirmasi kepada peserta dari perusahaan yang bersangkutan bahwa mereka sudah mendapatkan kesempatan untuk memenangkan penerbangan ke Singapura untuk menghadiri HR Summit 2017
  7. Pada 20 Maret 2017, pihak penyelenggara akan mengumumkan pemenang dari campaign melalui email dan social media

5. Berikut adalah Hadiah Campaign dari #KalibrrRecruitersChallenge

  1. Tiket pesawat untuk 2 orang ke Singapura
  2. Akomodasi hotel untuk 2 orang
  3. Pass masuk untuk HR Summit Asia & Expo 2017 yang diselenggarakan pada bulan Mei.

6. Hadiah Campaign tidak dapat dipindah tangankan dan tidak dapat ditukar dengan uang tunai.

7. Bila pemenang tidak dapat menggunakan Hadiah Campaign, PT. Kalibrr Teknologi Personalia berhak untuk memberikan Hadiah Campaign kepada peserta beruntung yang lain.

8. Dengan mendaftarkan diri untuk mengikuti campaign, peserta dari perusahaan yang memenangkan campaign #KalibrrRecruitersChallenge menyetujui untuk diwawancara oleh pihak penyelenggara mengenai pengalaman merekrut melalui Kalibrr. Hasil dari wawancara ini akan digunakan untuk sebagai testimoni oleh PT. Kalibrr Teknologi Personalia.

9. Dengan mendaftarkan perusahaan ke PT. Kalibrr Teknologi Personalia, setiap peserta setuju untuk terikat dengan syarat dan ketentuan ini.

10. Keputusan PT. Kalibrr Teknologi Personalia dalam kaitannya dengan setiap aspek campaign, termasuk namun tidak terbatas pada pemenang campaign, akan dianggap final dan tetap dalam keadaan apapun. Keputusan PT. Kalibrr Teknologi Personalia adalah mutlak, tidak dapat diganggu gugat, dan PT. Kalibrr Teknologi Personalia tidak akan merespon pertanyaan, surat-menyurat, dan usaha banding terhadap keputusan PT. Kalibrr Teknologi Personalia dalam bentuk dan untuk aspek apapun.

On July 28 we are upgrading your account with Interview Scheduler, Reporting, and User Management features!


Sweet new features coming your way!

We’re excited to announce that we are upgrading all Kalibrr accounts for free starting on July 27, 2016. All clients will receive three new features: Interview Scheduler, Reporting (Overview), and User Management. Check them out below!

Interview Scheduler 

Interview on Mobile

One common problem experienced by our employers was that candidates were not showing up to their interviews. We took this design challenge on and designed the Kalibrr Interview Scheduler, which hopes to increase the likelihood that they attend their scheduled interview date.

Scheduler GIF

The Interview Scheduler can be found in all job posts’ For Interview state. It lets you set interviews with your candidates and company’s interviewers (even if they do not have a Kalibrr account!) Kalibrr will automatically follow-up via e-mail and confirm the schedule with both parties. All of your scheduled interviews can easily be tracked on the interview panel, letting you quickly know the status of your candidates’ interviews with flexible day, week, month, and year views.

Watch the Scheduler Tutorial here:



Reporting Screenshot

Our Reports tab lets you see how your job posts are performing on Kalibrr. All Kalibrr users starting from July 28 onwards will get the Overview report!


Our new reporting feature enables you to have a quick overview of your job post views, your applications, your invitations, your hires, among many other crucial metrics for recruitment teams.

Download our Recruiter Guide for Reporting to see more details on what it can do for your team.

To gain access to our more advanced Job Post Performance, Hiring Speed, Origins, Team Productivity reports, get in touch with our sales team today thru

User Management

Manage your team better with administrator access. Only your company’s administrators can post jobs and add other team members.

User Management

To avoid confusion, all accounts will be administrators on launch. Please use our management system accordingly to match your company’s processes.

Download our Recruiter guide for managing teammates to learn how to do this.

We’re excited to have you use all these updates! If you have any feedback, shoot us an email at

Happy Recruiting!

– The Kalibrr Team

A new Jobs Dashboard on May 27, 2016! Product Update!

Hey there Recruiters!

Kalibrr has been silent these last few weeks with product updates and that’s because we’ve been working on something big for you guys. I’m excited to announce that starting tomorrow, May 27, 2016, we are launching our New Jobs Dashboard.

We spent a lot of time talking to recruiters just like you to learn how we can best help you source for and manage your applicant pipeline. Thank you for your valuable feedback as a Kalibrr recruiter and we hope these updates help you do your job smarter and faster!

Recommended matches now appear as leads instantly for a better overview of your sourcing pipeline

As soon as you post a job, we will recommend you candidates on your leads bucket. These candidates can then be invited via SMS to apply to your company! You no longer have to sit around and simply wait for people to apply to your job.

Hover over a job post to reveal more options: Edit, share and now copy your job post

A lot of recruiters ask us on intercom about action items regarding their job posts. We simplified the User interface to make these action items easier to notice and interact with!

Invite candidates who saved and viewed your job post to apply!

You can now see candidates who have viewed and saved your job posts!

Download the full jobs dashboard guide here !

Stay tuned for more updates as we will be rolling out more recruiter updates soon! We always appreciate your feedback regarding our products so please leave a comment or message us on Intercom!


Kalibrr Team


Cool Product Updates for April 28, 2016.

The summer heat is kicking in and we have cool product updates for our recruiters this week!

Product Updates: 

  1. Filter by active and passive candidates on resume search 

    Screen_Shot_2016-04-26_at_12.03.23_PM (1)

    • On the others filters of resume search, you can now filter for candidates who are actively looking for a job or passive looking for opportunities.
    • Screen_Shot_2016-04-26_at_12.03.26_PM (1)The cards of candidates resume search indicates whether or not they are passively or actively looking for a job.
  2. Changed the “show candidate” dropdown to tabs

    unnamed (2)

    • We made it easier to discover the show candidate filters by turning it into tabs
    • When searching for candidates on resume search, you can see all candidates, candidates who have applied, candidates who have not applied, and candidates you liked.
    • This makes it easier for recruiters to identify who to send job invites to.
  3. Editing job posts now retain current job post informationEdit Requirements

    • Previously, editing jot post did not retain the current job post information upon editing.
    • This issue has been resolved and will help recruiters continuously improve their job posts for their respective companies.

4. Added a default message to candidate invites and defaulting it as send as sms. 


  • We’re making it easier for recruiters to send invites and we’re defaulting it to send as SMS as SMS invites yield faster response times from jobseekers.

5. Added “copy link” and “share via e-mail” on the job dashboard

Edit requirements 2

6. We’re making “Industry” a required field in the recruiter sign up form.


Tune in next week for more product updates!

April is here and we have you covered with these new product updates!

Hi All,

In the previous post, we talked about Kalibrr’s new Jobs Recommendation Engine. In this post we’ll talk about other features that were released this week!

1. Follow the notifications of the job posts you want

  • Problem: recruiters get notified about every interaction of all the job posts in their ATS.
  • Solution: Recruiters are now only notified about the activities of job posts they follow. 


unnamed (11)
Know which jobs you are following 
unnamed (12)
Unfollow notifications of from your teammates. 
unnamed (13)

2. Kalibrr Social gets an upgrade with Facebook Dynamic Ads 

  • We can now push relevant job posts to jobseekers based on their browsing activity
  • For example, we can showcase a job in software engineering if a Facebook user is frequenting software engineering related “stuff” on Facebook.
  • We can now further optimise Kalibrr Social, our product that promotes, advertises, and brands companies on Facebook for future companies who plan to avail of this service.
unnamed (14)

3. Receive Application Emails only from qualified candidates.

unnamed (15)

4. Toggling “Send as SMS” does not erase what you’re currently typing anymore. 

Every time you click “Send as SMS”, the message you’re currently writing gets deleted. Now it does not! 😀

5. Save Jobs to Facebook

  • Facebook gave Kalibrr BETA Access to “Save to Facebook”
  • Now when you save jobs on Kalibrr, it will save it on Facebook as well.

144625336 (2)savetofb (1)


6. Job posts will expire when recruiter packages expires. 

We want to make sure that all job posts on our job board are fresh and have recruiters on the other end who can respond to applications.

Kalibrr’s Artificially Intelligent Job Recommendations Engine is now live.

We’re excited to announce that our Data Science team launched the new Jobs Recommendation Engine, Kalibrr’s Artificially Intelligent job matching algorithm, last Monday, March 28 2016.

Screenshot 2016-03-30 18.48.21

Our lead Data Scientist, Aivin, shares to us how the new recommendations engine works and why it matters to jobseekers and recruiters alike.
Screenshot 2016-03-31 20.55.15
Side note: For budding data scientist and other enthusiast, watch out for a technical blog post by Aivin and his team on our product blog!

How does Kalibrr’s A.I powered recommendations engine work on Kalibrr?

Recommended Jobs Tab 

Screenshot 2016-03-31 20.43.29

We recommend jobs to you based on your interactions on the platform and the information you provide on your Kalibrr profile.

Related Jobs Screenshot 2016-03-31 21.38.13

At the end of every job post, we recommend jobseekers to look at other related jobs based on the job post’s content, information and how other jobseekers interacted with these jobs.

There are 2 types of algorithms at work here.

1. Relationship Matching: 

The A.I learns the relationship between specific jobs based on jobseeker interactions with job posts and correspondingly their profiles.
  • It looks at all the available jobseeker profiles on the platform and builds a network of related jobs based on jobseeker interactions with these jobs. JobsRecommendation
  • JobsRecommendation2

Before, when a jobseeker declares he’s interested in web developer jobs, he will only be able to receive web developer recommendations.

Now, when a jobseeker declares interest in web developer positions, he will be able to receive job recommendations that belong to the same cluster: Software Engineering, Java Developer, Ruby on Rails Developer, etc.
Why it matters for recruiters: 
  • This is likely to improve the impressions and exposure of your jobs on the platform as jobseekers are able to discover your jobs better.
Why it matters for jobseekers: 
  • Kalibrr will be able to help you discover new jobs that are a great match for you better than before.

2. Content based matching 

Job Recommendations based on content and properties of Job Post.
Screenshot 2016-03-31 20.44.23

Why it matters for recruiters:

  • Recruiters who create good quality job posts and put more information are more likely to be grouped with other good quality job posts.
Why it matters for jobseekers: 
  • This algorithm solves the cold start issue: How do recommend jobs to new jobseekers and candidates who haven’t filled in their profile or taken assessments.
  •  We can still intelligently recommend jobs to you based on the current jobs you are viewing. That means you’ll be able to discover more relevant jobs to you. Awesome!
Bonus Content: 
As part of our Jobs Recommendations launch, Aivin and his team built a twitter bot: Kalibot!
Stay tuned for more product updates!
Much Love,
Kalibrr Team.

10 invites per recruiter per day and more product updates!

Product Update: March 27, 2016

We hope that you had a great vacation over the weekend, Kalibrr recruiters! We’re glad to welcome all of you back with new features that improve your company’s recruiting!

Kalibrr recruiters now have 10 invites per day. 

As we further improve the experience of candidate search, we learned from our Kalibrr recruiters that it was critical for them to have 10 invites per day per recruiter account. It used to be 10 invites per day per company account.  Different recruiters operating within a company account invite different types of candidates to apply.

We thank our passionate users for making this clear to us and we’re glad that we were able to build this feature for you!

Free UBER rides for candidates you move to your “For Interview” state on the ATS

One of the most exciting and exhilarating  moments for a jobseeker is the moment a recruiter sets up an interview with them. Kalibrr took this step further by giving the candidates you invite for an interview a free ride!

Screenshot 2016-03-23 19.47.32.png

When candidates deactivate their application, recruiter’s are notified in messages.

Recruiters who are having a conversation with a candidate who suddenly withdraws experience a bug wherein their text box suddenly disappears — without knowing why or what happened. This has been addressed by notifying recruiters that the candidate has withdrawn their application. 

Withdrawn Application Bucket in Archived Candidates

The contact details of candidates who have withdrawn their application can still be reviewed further! 

Screenshot 2016-03-27 22.55.16

No Shows and No Responses e-mails

Kalibrr made it easier for jobseekers who have been flagged to explain their side to recruiters!

We flag jobseekers you report as No Shows and No Responses to ensure that we have a great community.  To further improve checks and balances, we let our jobseekers explain not only to us but also to you, recruiters, why they did not respond or show up to their interview.

No Response: 

No-Response (1)

No Shows: 

No-Show (1)

Links sent by candidates on your Messages and Custom Questions are now clickable!

Location on Job Posts are now clickable

Candidates now have an easier way to discover jobs based on their location!

Kalibrr_Where_Jobs_Find_You_2016-03-12_10-47-23 (1).png

New Jobseeker Landing Page!

We noticed that jobseekers tend to browse more than search when looking for a job. We optimised our landing page for the browsing experience. The insight behind this is that it is easier for candidates to recognize a job they would likely apply to compare to having to recall (search). 

Screenshot 2016-03-23 19.41.50.png

Screenshot 2016-03-23 19.42.03.png

Screenshot 2016-03-23 19.42.11.png

Other Product Updates:

Added optional fields for sign up: Region and Location

Removed full name of candidates in e-mail notifications

Message text box is now bigger for recruiters and jobseekers

E-mail messages are now sent when you change your password

That’s all for March! Stay tuned for more exciting news about Kalibrr as we improve our algorithm and job matching!

Changed State notifications and moe product updates!

Product Update. March 7, 2016.

March 7 is a big day for features on Kalibrr! In the previous post, i discussed the new candidate search — why it is important and how to get the best out of it. In this post, i’ll be talking about new features you should definitely be aware about!

Candidates are notified when recruiters move them on application tracking system

A big frustration of candidates is not knowing their application status — this could be a result of communication problems. We know that recruiters are busy and don’t have all the time in the world to personally message all the candidates in their pipeline about their status. So we made it easier to do so!

Candidates are now automatically notified through e-mail when they are moved on Kalibrr’s Application tracking system. This also ensures that they get notified and will ensure that they respond faster to recruiters!

Completed App

Candidates receive an e-mail that they’ve completed their application and are promptly reminded to log-in to check their app status.

01 Completed App


For Review

Candidates can ask about their application status when they have been  accepted and moved to for review.

02 For Reviewed

For Interview 

Candidates are notified when they have been scheduled for an interview. We give them tips on how to prepare, what to wear, and even a checklist on what to prepare!

By doing this, we make sure that the candidates who arrive at your office are high quality kalibrr candidates!

03 For Interview


We let candidates know when they have been offered and give them further advice on how to be the best fit for your company!

04 Offered


We let candidates share their love for your company the moment they have been hired! Let them talk about their success story on social media and it will do wonders for your company’s brand!

05 Hired


We noticed that recruiters actually have a hard time rejecting candidates because they care about them. They don’t want to hurt their feelings and as a result of this delay rejecting candidates.

We made rejecting candidates easier for you by giving candidates who have been rejected other jobs that they might be a fit for. We also give them tips on how to become a better applicant through our blog.

06 Rejected

New Recruiter Landing Page 

Screenshot 2016-03-07 06.59.06

We have a new Call to Action: Search Candidates! 

Screenshot 2016-03-07 06.59.40

  • Shows breakdown of database by micro market. ( Recruiters usually ask: how many candidates do you have in x?  )
  • Shows 6,000 companies work with Kalibrr.
  • Carousel of logos
  • Updated to recent brandsScreenshot 2016-03-07 07.00.05
  • Value proposition of Kalibrr Features to our  Recruiters.
  • Post, Track, Search, Pay, E-mail & SMS, and Assess
  • Shows company testimonials

Discover Internships/OJT Page

Summer is here and that also means that a lot of undergraduates from different universities are looking to apply to a great company!

Tag your internship job posts with an internship/ojt tag and it will automatically be featured on the internships page!

04 Discover internship page

PUP Career Fair Landing Page

All the PUP students attending the career fair will have to sign up to Kalibrr as part of their application!

Screenshot 2016-03-07 14.00.46

Save the candidates you likeScreenshot 2016-03-07 12.56.48



Kalibrr Team

The new candidate search is what you’ve been looking for.

Product Update. March 7, 2016.

Candidate Search allows you to do 3 things:

Search, Filter, and Invite.

Candidate Search 2.0 empowers you to:

Instantly Search, Intelligently Filter, and Personally Invite.

We’ve been working on this project for the last couple of months.

Candidate Search Full View

Our designer, Leroy, and our developers, Chad and Kevin have done on candidate search. We hope you take some time to read and learn more about candidate search.

Why use candidate search?

  • 1 out of 6 invitations sent are accepted.
  • Candidates who are actively searching usually respond to invites within hours
  • You no longer have to wait for a candidate to apply to your job post.

Step-by-step guide of Candidate Search

Search now

Search for candidates for your different job posts. You can also simply search immediately without a job post by searching for skills, work experience, education, etc.

01 Search Candidates


Sort by

Candidate search allows you to quickly sort through your results according to what’s relevant to you.

02 Sort Screenshot 2016-03-07 07.28.16

Filter by

On Kalibrr, you can filter through skills, work experience, education and assessments scores. We believe that these are the essential factors that contribute to finding the right match for your company.


“I want someone with skills in Analyzing Data and Adobe Lightroom”

03 Filter by skills Screenshot 2016-03-07 07.30.01

  • Skills matching: Adobe Lightroom and Analyzing Data receive “check marks” on my candidate search because I am filtering for those skills.
  • Search for skill: Only the skills on Kalibrr will show up.
  • Highlight job category: I chose skills in Media and Creatives & Management and Consultancy. These two categories are highlighted as a result of that.

Work Experience

“I’m looking for someone with 1  year of work experience in Accounting and Finance.  S/he can be a fresh grad or specialist and must be a certified public accountant. It would help if they were good at economics too.”

03 Filter by work experience

These are the details you can filter for in work experience.

  • Years of Experience in Industry / Job Function 
  • Minimum Job Level to Maximum Job Level 
  • License/Certificate 


“I want someone who graduated from college with a degree in Business Ad & Accountancy. I’m also pretty open to any university they come from, as long as they’re good.”

04 Filter by education

  • Educational attainment can be broken up to: High school, 1 (2,3,4) years of college, PHD, Masters, etc.
  • Search for Courses/Degree: Only the courses and degrees on Kalibrr ( declared by our team and candidates) will show up.
  • School/College/University: Only the schools listed on kalibrr will show up.


1. Choose an assessment
2. Choose score you desire – outstanding, good, satisfactory, needs improvement.

05 Filter by assessment

Highlighted are assessments that match my current filter: Basic Customer Engagement, General Computer Knowledge and Typing Speed.

As you can see, practical math on the lower right is not highlighted as of the moment. I am just about to choose that assessment!

When choosing for an assessment, you can decide to evaluate if you want someone who’s Outstanding, Good, Satisfactory or Needs Improvement for that assessment.

This means that I could want someone who’s outstanding in Practical math but would only require a satisfactory skill from them in basic customer engagement.

To learn more about assessments, click here.


On Kalibrr, we focus on skills and experiences. Our product reflects that philosophy. Age, sex, and location are factors that can be used to discriminate and we highly encourage you only to use them when needed.

Screenshot 2016-03-07 08.04.39


Now that you have filtered for the right candidates,

(1) simply tick the box on the upper right corner of the candidate card and

(2) click “Contact selected candidates”  

Screenshot 2016-03-28 01.31.34


Invite the candidates you like to the job post of your choosing.

Screenshot 2016-03-28 01.32.52

Pro Tip: You can invite them via SMS! 

Show All

While searching for your candidates, we added an extra filter that matters.

You can show

  • All candidates
  • All candidates who have applied 
  • All candidates who have not applied 
  • All candidates you have liked
  • All candidates from a specific pool (i.e Food and Beverage Candidates)

07 Show all candidates

Select & Contact

Clicking on the tick box on the right of the profile picture, selects the candidate.

To contact, press the contact button on the upper right of the screen.

Screenshot 2016-03-07 12.43.15


For those with unlimited contacts, you can click on tick box on the upper left corner and it will automatically select the top 10 candidates on the list.

Screenshot 2016-03-07 12.43.31

Quick look

Clicking on the candidate’s card will show you his complete resume/profile on quick look!

Screenshot 2016-03-07 12.45.14

As you can see, you can view a candidate’s complete resume and choose to invite them to your company for a specific job post you have.

Saving candidates Screenshot 2016-03-07 12.56.48

You can also save candidates you like for quick reference later on.

Those our updates for the new candidate search! If you have any feedback you want to express or any further questions, don’t hesitate to e-mail me at

The product team would love to hear what you think!


Kalibrr Team


Cheaper Assessments starting the first week of March!

Summer is here! 

For a lot of our graduating students, the month of March is not only the beginning of the season of summer, but it also marks the beginning of their job search and applications.

This also means that the Fresh Grad Recruitment season is almost here! We want our Kalibrr recruiters to be the smartest and fastest recruiters in the market with these new updates!

Assessments at the right price and right amount of time! 

We understand that your recruiting and assessment needs vary. At one point in time, you could be assessing for basic skill sets like english and typing proficiency for  3 months. Another possible scenario is that you need to hire immediately and only want to test for programming skills for a period of 2 months.

P20,000 6 months validity => P1,400 unlimited 1 month use.

P30,000 6 months validity => P2,700 unlimited 1 month use. 

Screenshot 2016-02-29 07.22.06

Kalibrr Assessments offer a lot of value to our large clients by eliminating low impact recruiter tasks such as scheduling test administration, producing test copies, and checking results. 

Screenshot 2016-03-04 10.04.33

We’re very excited to make it our assessments more accessible for recruiters who work in small and medium enterprises with shorter time frames and specialised assessments needs.

Spend more time with the best candidates now! Read more here or contact to inquire further about assesssments.

Jobseekers have new navigation bars! 

To increase the number of applications made and to ensure that they reply immediately to your invites, we took out the “My Jobs” tab and added Applications, Invites, Saved Jobs, and Recommended jobs on their navigation bar.

unnamed (8)

Other updates:

New e-mail headers!

We changed out e-mail headers to help you glance and filter through our notifications in your e-mail faster.

A candidate applied to <>JOB —> [JOB] Name’s Application

Displayed the company name of job applied to when jobseeker is applying within the same conglomerate! 

Recruiters who belong to the same of group of companies can now see what other companies their jobseeker has applied to within the group of companies.

That’s all for this week! We’re launching big features soon and we’re excited to announce the next product update!

Happy recruiting, everyone!


The Kalibrr Team


Product Updates for candidates that recruiters should know about

Before the month of February ends, here are some of the things our product team has worked on!

Kalibrr is a marketplace for recruiters and candidates. We build features and continuously improve on them for both. To improve your recruiting, we wanted to let you know about a few updates we worked on for our candidates.

It’s easier to source, select and hire when you know how the other side sees and interacts with you!

Candidates can now see if recruiters respond fast on your job posts.

unnamed (4)

It’s important for kalibrr to connect candidates and recruiters who actively engage with each other on the platform.  As a result of this, we wanted to reward recruiters who responded quickly to candidates by showing candidates that applying to this job post will result to a quick response.

Candidates can now save your job posts with a heart.  <3 

unnamed (5)

 Details on the job posts are now clickable and will link out to respective job boards: 

  • Company name will lead candidate to your company page
  • Location links to job board with that location
  • Job function links to job board with that job function
  • Salary links to job board with with similar salary range

Candidates can now hide their bad test scores.

In order for candidates to put their best foot forward when they apply, we allowed them to hide their bad test scores.

unnamed (6)

👉 Important note: If you have purchased a certain assessment for your job post, you will be able to see the applicant’s test score regardless if they have hidden it.

 Smarter Navigation for your candidates.

  • default page upon signing in will be the invites page, if candidates have pending invites.
  • application page if you have incomplete applications,
  • and job board as default if no invites and no incomplete apps.

By doing this, we make sure that candidates are more likely to see and respond to your job invites. They will also be prompted to complete their applications.

The footer is gone for both recruiters and jobseekers .

We noticed that our footer prevented recruiters and jobseekers from having a great user experience on our platform. This is especially true on Mobile.

unnamed (2)

The footer also had a low click rate — indicating that it wasn’t a core experience for our jobseekers and recruiters.  We hope that this simple change improves our user experience (making it easier to breathe when you navigate and scroll through our pages).

The copies on our discover pages have been updated.

Screenshot 2016-02-26 18.35.29

These discovery pages are great pages we have for different industries.  Our content and data science team works on providing relevant content about working in different industries and locations.  Look at the discovery page for Philippine startups here to know more!

Bonus Update:

We phased out our spammy “have you hired these candidates” emails!  😃

That’s all for this week, everyone! Thank you for all your feedback and support.

Much Love,
Kalibrr Team

Product Update: Finding the perfect person in February

We hope you enjoyed your Valentine’s weekend, everyone!

A new way to search for the perfect person…

Finding the right candidate for your company is like finding the right one on Valentines– you find them through referrals or on websites, then you invite them out for coffee to get to know them better. Unlike traditional dating however, Kalibrr want you to find the perfect person to interview in a fast and intelligent manner.

As a recruiter, we understand that you are urgently hiring and have no time to waste waiting around for applications. This is why we’ve worked on making sure candidates respond to invites: 1 out of 6 invitations sent are accepted. Candidates who are actively searching usually respond within hours too! This is a pretty high conversion rate since sending invites are free, so all that’s left to do if you have an interesting job post is to invite them on candidate search!

We’d love for you to use our candidate search feature more, as it receives very little attention (and it needs some hard-earned love). 

Our designer Leroy and developers Chad and Kevin have worked on this project for 2 months now. Here’s a little teaser for the new candidate search this coming February:


A simple interface makes it easy to use powerful filters like assessment, preferences, skills, and language!


Jobseekers love our job board, and we applied the same tech to your search tool.

💡 Pro Tip: Screen potential applicants faster using arrow keys (v and ^) as you view resumes.

We haven’t improved candidate search in almost a year, so we’re very excited to give you a more intuitive way to search..

Product Updates for February so far:

Select from previously-uploaded pictures when posting new jobs.

We’ve noticed that you use the same photos for all your job posts. So that you won’t have to upload the same image again, choose a picture you previously uploaded when you make a new job.

Screenshot 2016-02-17 22.20.05

💡 Pro Tip: If you forget to upload a picture, we automatically use your existing photos for new job posts.

View the number of job posts you have left on your dashboard.

Screenshot 2016-02-18 12.15.11Screenshot 2016-02-18 12.15.11

We don’t know why we haven’t done this sooner! This is helpful to immediately know if you need to upgrade your package soon.

See education and work experience first.

We improved our candidate resume pages so you can see relevant information (education and work experience) without having to scroll all the way down.  

University Logos

We automatically add university logos so it’s easier to visually evaluate resumes.


See you next week!

Feel free to give us feedback about the current candidate search.  We’d love to hear from all of you about how we can improve!

Happy Recruiting! — Kalibrr Product Team

It’s time to celebrate, recruiters!

Before the first month of 2016 comes to an end, we wanted to give you, our recruiters, a late Christmas present for the amazing month we have had with you guys so far. Our New Years resolution here at Kalibrr is to make sure your ability to recruit talent,that is best fit for your company,  becomes a much simpler, faster, and smarter process.

  1. Posting a job on Kalibrr is now as easy as 1 2 3!

Posting Job Post

That’s right! We made sure to only require what’s needed for a basic job post so you can get your job online and out into the job market as fast as possible! 

2. Additional job details are optional but more effective in attracting candidates. 


Of course, we would still recommend that you fill in the optional fields after you’ve released your job post. We’ve noticed that companies that post more details about their job post attract  a wider pool of qualified candidates!

Moreover, adding details helps the Kalibrr algorithm find the best candidates to recommend to you.  If you weren’t aware, Kalibrr also recommends your jobs to potential candidates, so the more details you have, the better match we can find!

PRO Tip: Our premium recruiters use custom questions and  assessments to better qualify their candidates!

 Custom Questions ( Premium Feature ) Screenshot 2016-01-28 23.23.09

Custom questions allows recruiters to be more personal with potential candidates. You get to see how they communicate (written and verbal ) as well as understand them better as people.

Assessments (Premium Feature)

Screenshot 2016-01-28 23.24.16

Kalibrr spent a lot of time creating great assessments over the last few months so recruiters can have an easy time validating the skills and experiences of potential candidates. We have a wide assortment of assessments: from testing for typing and english fluency and as advanced as testing for proficiency in sales and programming.

Industry secret: We also work with our premium companies to create their own custom test just for their hiring needs.

3. Resolving the issue for following up with No shows and No Responses 

Over the last few months, e-mail exchanges for no shows and no responses have been ending up in This creates a bottleneck between the recruiter and candidate as kalibrr gets in the way of resolving follow ups between the two.

We now route all no shows and no responses straight to your company so you can quickly follow up on potential candidates!

4. A better experience for SMS.

 We noticed that some recruiters forget that their messages are also sent as text messages to candidates. As a result recruiters who send long messages end up sending insanely long and multiple text messages to the candidate. This frustrates the candidate and creates a bad impression of the recruiter — they think it’s spammy.

Screenshot 2016-01-29 00.30.53

Introducing… a check box for SMS.

Screenshot 2016-01-29 00.26.16

 It may sound like a small feature… but trust us it will do wonders for your recruiting and communication! The candidates will now have a better experience with your company when communicating in text.

This simple and quick improvement will ensure that your company creates the best recruitment experience for potential candidates out there! It also encourages your recruiters to be concise — saving more time for your company!

5. More candidates on Candidate search!

Screenshot 2016-01-29 02.00.52

We improved our algorithm to ensure that you get a better and wider pool of candidates when you use candidate search!

Screenshot 2016-01-29 02.00.29

PRO Tip: You can expand  or narrow the results by using filters on the left side of the screen. Play around with it. It’s fun to search the database! We’re sure you’ll find the right fit for you with this thing!

That’s all for today, Kalibrr recruiters! Hope all of you have a great weekend! Happy recruiting!

Tune in again next week for more updates!

P.S  Our next post will be for Jobseekers! 😉

January 19’s Shiny, New Stuff

Shiny, New Stuff

You might not talk to strangers, but we do.

Since we launched new pricing last month, we increased support for companies who may need more help understanding the way we charge. So even when you’re still a stranger to Kalibrr without making an account, you can talk to our support team. Ask away!


Just click on the button on the lower-right.

A sleeker-looking invite

To encourage candidates to make a fast decision about an invite, we’ve added your personal message right on the invite.

A bit faster

Speed. We made the website a bit faster.

Posting job post links on Facebook

Facebook and our website sporadically do not talk to each other, so we have added some things to make sure they talk, like good friends.

Get Contacts, Assessments, and more!

Get contacts and packages online

Last month we launched new pricing and a completely new payment flow. As Faye noted in her blog post, you can now purchase our Premium package online and purchase candidate contacts.


Learn about purchasing assessments

Assessments are core to the Kalibrr experience–it’s what differentiates our candidates from those you find on other websites. Our candidates can take assessments online to showcase their skills regardless of their education or previous work experience. With Kalibrr assessments, you’d easily find qualified applicants as the assessment does all the screening work for you. Read more here or contact to talk to a consultant.

As an anecdote, we have a programming aptitude test on our software engineering job post. We’ve received 500 applications for this job opening in the past year. Reviewing 500 applications would be time wasted for both myself and our lead engineer, but we never had to go through that. We only reviewed around 30 applications and interviewed 15 candidates. These candidates are those who have scored well on our online assessment.  We’ve made offers to 6 of these candidates, and have hired 3. For a very technical job opening, we’ve saved so much time only interviewing those who are really qualified and as a result, send an offer to half of the people we interview.

Discover Social Impact Jobs

NGOs and social enterprises now have a home on our website. If you are an NGO or social enterprise, contact to get on this page. 

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 12.13.24 PM

Multiple Brands in one Company

We have many clients who have several brands under them, like Bench or San Miguel. Now you’ll be able to assign job posts to a particular brand!

Other Improvements

  • You are now notified when a candidate accepts your invitation
  • You can reply directly to the person who tagged you in a comment via email