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News about Kalibrr

Kalibrr’s Head of Artificial Intelligence Research wins World Bank Data Science Competition

Aivin Solatorio, Kalibrr’s Senior Manager for Research & Development, came in 5th out of over 2,000 entrants to the World Bank’s machine learning competition called “Pover-T Tests: Predicting Poverty” which ended last February 28, 2018. He also won the bonus prize awarded to the top participant coming from a developing country.

The competition was hosted by data science platform, Driven Data and funded by World Bank’s Knowledge for Change Program, with the aim of engaging data scientists from developing countries and applying a cost-effective solution to testing approaches to poverty prediction.

Poverty measurement and prediction is an important starting point to determine if poverty reduction policies and strategies are effective. Currently, measuring and predicting poverty is very challenging, time consuming and costly— typically done through in-depth surveys on household consumption. The competition helps World Bank see how harnessing machine learning and data science can predict poverty status based on easy-to-collect information. These models would allow World Bank to more rapidly measure the effectiveness of poverty alleviation policies and interventions to maximize the impact of these strategies.

“I was really happy when I learned that I won the bonus prize because I know that some participants there are elite Kaggle competitors. Putting the prize aside; however, coming from a developing country myself, I immediately recognized the significance of the competition and its corresponding social impact.” Aivin said. “While AI technology is frequently associated with loss of jobs; this World Bank initiative shows the positive aspect of AI – providing novel solutions to help directly address global problems such as poverty.” he added.

At Kalibrr, Aivin and his team work on applying artificial intelligence to help solve the problem of job matching and recruitment.

Rediscovering the human touch for HR Professionals

Coming from last month’s theme “#GirlBoss: Power Women Leading in 21st Century Manila”, Kalibrr Communities set their sights on understanding the people behind Human Resources. This April’s Kalibrr Communities focused on the challenges that different HR professionals go through, hence the title “Human Rediscovered: Putting the Human Back in Human Resources.”

“Kalibrr Communities is not just another meet up. This is an avenue for dialogue among different professionals from different industries.” says Julius Paras, Kalibrr Vice President for Customer Engagement as he kicked off the event. He then challenged the audience to understand the different challenges that HR professionals face on a day to day basis.

The stage was graced by experts from different companies such as Alex Gentry, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Sprout Solutions, Mary Solina, Customer Success Manager of EngageSPARK, Jojo Gumino, Head of Learning Partnerships of STORM Learning, and Jaclyn Cayetano, Founder and Chief Brain of Zentellect Corp.

Alex Gentry painted a picture of the Human Resources Industry in the Philippines. Alex pointed out that innovation and technology is one of the main drivers in creating an effective HR team. HR departments should be considered as strategic partners, developing programs and processes to support the changing needs of the business.

Mary Solina gave a very interesting perspective on technology integration in HR. She pointed out there is resistance in adopting technology because of fear. However, she stressed that technology can never replace the personal human touch that HR professionals bring. Technology is meant to complement and improve HR processes.  

The last speaker, Jojo Gumino focused on employee engagement and empowerment. She highlighted how giving employees the power of choice can positively impact the way they work and how they will grow in the company.

Missed this event? Don’t worry, Kalibrr Communities happens every month, so be on the lookout and be updated on our Facebook page. See you in May!

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Kalibrr celebrates successful launch of Kalibrr Communities

The Mezzanine Hall at the Kickstart Office was packed with young professionals and a few graduating students from different schools and industries; eagerly waiting to commence Kalibrr’s first ever Kalibrr Communities, and listen to the roster of expert speakers’ talk about career development and recruitment.

Kalibrr Communities is a monthly gathering of professionals who are interested to further learn about how to develop their careers and everything HR and recruitment, specifically growth strategies, industry trends, and networking with like-minded individuals. 

“Kalibrr Communities is more than just a gathering of people, it is a space where everyone can share a common goal, a sense of belonging,” says Julius Paras, Kalibrr Vice President for Customer Engagement.

To celebrate International Women’s Month, Kalibrr couldn’t have chosen a more appropriate theme for their launch event last March 21, 2018: #GirlBoss: Power women leading in 21st century Manila. They invited top women leaders today as guest speakers for the event namely Ms. Minette Navarette, Vice-Chairman, and President of Kickstart Ventures, Inc., Ms. Nina Ylagan-Pedro, Vice President for the Aboitiz Human Resources Group, and Ms. Niña Terol, co-founder and Chief Fireball of Kick Fire Kitchen.

Nina Pedro talked about Leadership Insights of HR and the corporate path she went through to get to where she is now. “Learn as much as you can at where you are now. The brighter you are, the more you have to learn,” says Nina.

Minette Navarette talked about Learning to Lead in a Changing World. She shared how she went from working in the consumer goods industry to shifting to digital ventures and how she consistently improved herself in the process.

“Kalibrr Communities is a really great concept. I’m glad I was able to attend and get to meet people from different industries. I’ll definitely tell my students to attend the next one,” mentions Nikko Magalona from

Missed this event? Don’t worry, Kalibrr Communities events happen every month, so be on the lookout and be updated on our Facebook page. See you in April!

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To learn more about Kalibrr Communities or if you want to sponsor Kalibrr’s future events, you may email us at

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Uniqlo and Kalibrr job search

UNIQLO and Kalibrr concludes successful job search event

MANILA, Philippines — Japanese apparel giant UNIQLO Philippines in partnership with Kalibrr, job matching tech company recently concluded its first-ever exclusive job search event for their Uniqlo Manager Candidate (UMC) position last February 24, at the Golden Phoenix Hotel at the Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.

This partnership aims to help UNIQLO Philippines find not just qualified applicants but exemplary individuals with ambition and a clear sense of mission. The UMC role is the first step or entry position to working for the international brand before employees become full-fledged managers. Uniqlo’s target is to hire 40-45 UMCs to prepare for their nationwide expansion of 100 stores by 2020.

Uniqlo and Kalibrr job search

Since launching the UMC position on the Kalibrr platform at the start of 2018, Kalibrr got more than 1,400 applicants. From there, the job matching platform was able to shortlist 632 qualified candidates and invited those them to Uniqlo’s exclusive job search event.

“We gave Uniqlo a projection of 500 shortlisted applicants as we also had to expect having a 50 to 60 percent show-up rate during the event itself,” says Abie Altez, Kalibrr Events Coordinator, and point of contact for the Uniqlo partnership.

Uniqlo and Kalibrr job search

Geraldine Sia, Uniqlo Philippines COO

The event was graced by Uniqlo Philippines COO Geraldine Sia who gave an inspiring speech about Uniqlo’s history, its plans to scale in the next few years, and why it is a great company to work for. Also present were Diana Lim, Uniqlo HR Director, Marilyn Yee, Uniqlo Recruitment Manager, Kim Alcantara, HO IMD, Department Head, and other Uniqlo managers and employees.

“We partnered with Kalibrr because I believe that they can help us succeed in our future business,” Diana Lim, Uniqlo HR Director.

Kalibrr CEO Paul Rivera was also present at the event. He gave an inspiring speech about moving on from failures and that achieving success isn’t about having luck, it’s about working hard to get lucky.

Uniqlo and Kalibrr job search

Kalibrr CEO and Co-founder, Paul Rivera

Kalibrr is a recruitment tech startup that aims to transform the way candidates find jobs and the way companies hire talent. It uses technology to match job seekers and companies on the basis of skills, experience, interests, and fit.

If your organization is interested in partnering with Kalibrr, you may contact our Head of Sales and Marketing Ms. Jan Garrovillo at

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Kalibrr Talks About Recruiting in the Digital Age at PCAAE

In this age when everything is mobile and almost everyone is online, how can companies and businesses leverage technology to reach and attract talents?

This was what Julius Paras, Kalibrr’s VP for customer engagement, discussed about at the Philippine Council of Associations and Association Executives (PCAAE) Association Summit 5 held last November 23 at the Philippine International Convention Center Manila.

Speaking in front of company executives from different industries here and abroad, he shared how today’s recruiting processes is different compared to that of years ago.

“We used to walk-in an office and submit our resumes to the secretary, or browse job openings in the newspaper. Today, finding a job is as easy as browsing online on your phone or on a desktop, open a job portal, and click ‘Apply,'” he shared his jobseeker experience back in the days.

In his talk, Julius mentioned that by 2020, 60% of millennials will be the main driver of the APAC economy. He further added that in today’s dynamic recruiting landscape, high touch and high tech recruiting is necessary for successfully snaring qualified candidates in a tight labor market.

“Because we are now living in a digital world, recruitment is now going mobile, it’s going social. It’s time for companies to do the same,” mentioned Julius. Moreover, he expressed the importance of employer branding and continuing to build relationships with current employees, with candidates, and with potential candidates.

The PCAAE, dubbed as an “association of associations”, has over 1,000 members and supporters and was launched on November 20, 2013, to further advance association governance and management in member-serving organizations in the country.

If you or your organization is interested in inviting Kalibrr as a speaker, email our Country Marketing Manager Jan L. Garrovillo at

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Kalibrr CEO on Hiring Millennials at Recruitment Asia

Last November 22, SM Aura’s SMX Convention Center saw itself packed with HR professionals from all over Asia: Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Their reason? Human Resources Magazine was hosting its annual Recruitment Asia event—and holding it for the first time on Philippine shores.

Recruitment Asia is “an annual recruitment-strategy-focused event gathering top-notch HR thought leaders from across industries in Asia.” And if last Wednesday was any indication, it definitely lived up to its promise. With an extensive lineup of experts in the recruitment industry, the day was filled with interesting insights on the future of recruitment—including one from Kalibrr’s very own CEO, Paul Rivera.

Image courtesy of Learning Curve

How to Manage Millennials

Ever since Kalibrr’s launch 5 years ago, it has steadily attracted a vast supply of millennial talent. “The average age of a Kalibrr employee is 24 years old,” Rivera shared at the talk. Mostly born after 1990, he went on to describe these millennial employees as entrepreneurial, eager learners, and impact-driven. “And I talk about [these millennials] because they’re the ones you want to recruit,” he added.

But in order to attract this popular demographic, you have to think like them first. After surveying said millennials about their job search experience, Rivera saw the gap that Kalibrr could fill:

Image courtesy of Paul Rivera

Whether it’s helping candidates stand out from the crowd or enabling them to learn their suitability to multiple roles, Rivera emphasized that the traditional notions of recruitment no longer held. To help foster such meaningful connections with jobseekers, companies and recruiters alike would do well to meet millennials them where they were—just like how Kalibrr did to reach 1 million users. As Rivera quoted from Harvard Business Review:

“Ultimately, millennials are consumers of the marketplace. They shop around for the jobs that best align with their needs & life goals. [Companies] have to make it easy for prospects to choose them over their competition.”

But these insights, of course, were more applicable to a job platform, not a recruitment process. How then could these HR executives translate them into their profession?

Taking Your Employer Brand Digital

According to Rivera, the solution there was to focus on the digital sphere. After all, having an edge over the competition is really about meeting candidates where they were. As millennials increasingly shift much of their behavior to this channel—from shopping to communicating—recruiters had to make sure their hiring process was not only up to the challenge, but overhauled altogether.

“Companies need to transform ‘recruitment processes’ into a delightful ‘candidate experience’ that places candidate expectations at the center,” he added. And to learn what expectations their company may not be meeting, Rivera highly encouraged everybody in the room to apply to their own hiring stream anonymously.

There were also a few insights they could act on:

  • Jobseekers valued speed. Based on a survey by Indeed, the top companies in the world had application processes that lasted as short as 1 minute (like Netflix).
  • Jobseekers expect to hear back in less than a week. Based on a survey of 670 responses, 60.9% of jobseekers expect a response—whether positive or negative—in 7 days or less.
  • Own your social media pages. Jobseekers appreciate being able to contact companies via multiple channels: from Facebook pages, to LinkedIn and company career pages.
  • Facebook ads work to attract applicants if you invest in great artwork.
  • Tell your story with video.
  • Events engage the community offline.
  • Content establishes thought leadership.

A Few Final Findings

With all this in mind, Rivera had a final insight to leave recruiters with: “Don’t be disruptive. Be delightful.” Whether we’re enticing jobseekers to join the Kalibrr platform or launching new services for companies such as KalibrrPro, the company is always aiming to provide a great customer experience. And with these insights in mind, Rivera is optimistic that we’ll all get there—one jobseeker at a time.

If you or your organization is interested in inviting Kalibrr as a speaker, email our Country Marketing Manager Jan L. Garrovillo at

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Kalibrr talks about technology and social media at 30th ECOP meeting

As Philippine economy continues to grow and becomes more competitive, are companies and businesses poised to keep up with the latest trends in talent acquisition and retention?

This was the key issue at the 30th General Meeting of the Employers Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP) held last July 20 at the Henry Sy Auditorium at St. Luke’s Medical Center – Global City. Attended by CEOs, executives, and HR Managers of top organizations in the Philippines, the membership meeting focused on the current profile of the Filipino working population and several strategies in attracting and retaining talent.

Kalibrr’s very own co-founder and CEO Paul Rivera shared knowledge on how the technology wave and the startup scene in the country are defining how Filipino talents choose and apply for jobs.

In his talk, Paul mentioned that Filipino talents today care about a company’s vision and purpose – something that startup companies use to brand themselves. He suggested that for other companies to keep up, they must learn to blend human resource (HR) practices with sales and marketing strategies in order to attract the best talent.

“Recruiting is the selling and marketing of careers. Recruiters are very good at screening but don’t do a good job at selling the opportunity, “ he said.

To do this, Paul recommended that companies own and establish their brand pages. This means leveraging on touch points like Facebook, LinkedIn, and the company career page to establish themselves as a brand.

Moreover, companies must also ensure that the application process is fast and has minimal friction in order to sustain the engagement of their candidates and provide an overall good experience.

“Jobseekers prefer to apply to responsive employers and recruiters. If X company has a slow application process, they begin to tell their friends and say maybe ‘don’t apply to this ‘cause no one ever gets back to you,” he remarked.

Also, given the traffic situation in the country, Paul suggested that companies today must allow flexibility in terms of work hours and locations for employees to remain productive and able to provide high quality work.

Other speakers in the session were of Eric Riego de Dios, HR Director of Baker McKenzie, and Grace Sorongon, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of John Clements Consultants, Inc.

The Employers Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP) is an organization with the goal of consolidating and articulating the employer’s voice and interest in matters relating to labor, employment, industrial relations, and socio-economic development.  For more information, email

If you or your organization is interested in inviting Kalibrr as a speaker, email our Country Marketing Manager Jan L. Garrovillo at

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Kalibrr CEO Paul Rivera shares how to recruit, retain millennial employees at franchise conference

Success of a business begins with having the right knowledge and a thorough investigation of all business opportunities. It also starts with recruiting the right people into your company to ultimately create a great, solid team.

Kalibrr CEO Paul Rivera, was invited by the Philippine Franchise Association (PFA) to talk about recruiting and retaining millennial employees at one of the breakout sessions at Franchise Asia Philippines 2017, the largest franchise conference and expo in Asia, on July 19, at SMX Convention Center Manila.

Kalibrr CEO Paul Rivera at Franchise Asia Philippines 2017

In his talk, Paul discussed that with millennials being aggressive and competitive in today’s work setting, businesses must adopt a “marketer” kind of mindset in order to attract talent.

“You have to think like a sales and marketing person specifically for career professionals when you want to recruit millennials,” said Paul, adding that having a good recruitment experience and a clear vision of your company’s purpose helps with attracting qualified candidates to apply.

Retaining millennials, on the other hand, Paul emphasized planning out a growth strategy for your employees. Millennials, he said, love to work when they know their efforts create an impact and essentially help them grow professionally.

“Millennials like to learn, and what they often need is someone to be their coach or mentor in order for them to succeed at their job,” mentioned Paul to a room full of franchisees and franchisors from 7-11, Goldilocks, Army Navy to name a few.

However, while his talk revolved around millennials, he pointed out that businesses shouldn’t design their organization solely for the younger tribe. Instead, build a company culture that leads to all employees wanting to join, stay, and perform at their best.

Dr. Maynoll Montalbo CEO of Mont Albo Massage Spa also spoke about recruiting and retaining millennial franchisees at the Franchise Asia Philippines 2017.

Kalibrr is a recruitment tech startup that aims to transform the way candidates find jobs and the way companies hire talent. It uses technology to match jobseekers and companies on the basis of skills, experience, interests, and fit.

If you or your organization is interested in inviting Kalibrr as a speaker in one of your events, kindly email our Country Marketing Manager, Jan L. Garrovillo at

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Kalibrr talks about hiring rockstars at Acceler8 learning sessions

In all companies and businesses, it’s highly important to have a great set of people to help meet your organization’s goals. But did you know that building that winning team also requires talent?

Acceler8, a co-working community for entrepreneurs and professionals recently conducted SPRINT talk+workshop series on Building Your Winning Team on June 28, at their office in Legazpi Village, Makati.

Kalibrr’s very own Senior Vice President Julius Paras was able to share some fruitful knowledge on How to Hire Ninjas and Rockstars to a room packed with new entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, recruiters, and human resource professionals.

In his talk, he identified the top qualities, or in his case, “rockstar” qualities, employers should look for in a candidate. Apart from skills and knowledge, he also emphasized the importance of teamwork, how they handle issues, and their eagerness for growth and on pushing boundaries.

“They may stumble once in a while, but rockstars perform consistently,” says Julius on looking for candidates who will still do the job despite circumstances.

Other speakers of the session were Shahab Shabibi of Machine Ventures, who talked about Leadership in the 21st Century, and Gino Cabigao of TaskUs PH who talked about Evaluating and Firing Employees.

SPRINT talk + workshop is a new series of learning sessions that equips you with the work hack you need. Every talk is followed by a workshop to further help you execute your ideas. They have different topics from industry experts every month. For their schedule of events, email

If you or your organization is interested in inviting Kalibrr as a speaker, email our Country Marketing Manager Jan L. Garrovillo at

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year

There are so many reasons why the holiday season is wonderful for many. We enumerated a couple of reasons what makes this season so special and gratitude topped our list (although endless food feasts came a close second). As the year draws to a close and everyone takes a bit of time to reflect on all that has passed, us Kalibrr folks felt nothing but gratitude for everyone who’s joined us on this journey.

We’re thankful most of all for the recruiters who’ve partnered with Kalibrr. You challenge and teach us every day. That’s why we decided to hold our first ever Kalibrr Year-End Appreciation Night. In the spirit of gratitude and good cheer, we gathered our partner companies for a night of good food and conversation.

Weeks before the event, as we brainstormed on themes and motifs, Julius (our Senior VP for Engagement) had an aha moment. Beyond the platform our recruiters see day in and day out, are the people and their stories. What better way to say thank you than by sharing the impact of the work we do together?

We set up a humble photo exhibit featuring work from some talented photographers right in the Kalibrr team: Dani, Chris and Kevin. The once bare walls of our marketing room were now decorated with portraits of real people and snapshots of genuine moments.

Exhibit 1



It was also a debut for our Kalibrr Love Wall, which we hope is just the first piece of a growing picture. Our designers and customer support team took the time to handwrite a handful of testimonials from people who got hired through Kalibrr. Just the thing to make us all feel warm and fuzzy. My personal favorite is: “It helped me not stop reaching out and looking for opportunities that I thought I would never try.” (Peter Alcantara)



Paul and Julius of course had a few words to share on what’s in store for 2016. I was also fortunate to share the floor with them to present some Super Recruiter Awards. This year we’ve been able to recognize a select number of recruiters for their use of technology in creating more efficient and effective recruitment processes. Sneak peek: There’ll be a lot more awards and awardees in the future. 😉


Friends from our investor, Kickstart, were very generous to sponsor our raffle with some Kickstart goodie bags.

If you were there to witness the evening’s festivities, another heartfelt thank you for spending your time with us. If you weren’t, we definitely hope to see you at our future events. 🙂

We’re very excited for the new year and we hope you are too as we have a lot in store for the recruiting community. It’s been an awesome 2015 for Kalibrr and we have our Kalibrr community to thank for that.

To customers, partners, investors and friends: Happy Holidays and Cheers to the New Year!

The Kalibrr Team

Power-ups for Core

Hello fellow recruiters,

Happy December!

I hope you’ve all been getting into the Christmas spirit. Here at Kalibrr, we’re definitely feeling more generous as our Christmas rush has been full of product improvements.

The latest present we’ve wrapped includes some improvements to our Core package. Here’s the low-down:

Core powered with SMS messaging. Now every time you send a message thru the Kalibrr platform, your applicants receive it in their Kalibrr account, email and mobile phones (SMS). As we strongly believe here at Kalibrr, communication is key!

Core powered with unlimited teammates. If you’re on a core package, you can now add as many teammates to your company account. Give the gift of collaboration in your recruitment team.

Here’s how you can add more teammates:

Add teammates

If you’re already on a core package with us, you get these upgrades for free. 🙂

If you aren’t yet, you can be sure to get the most value even from our basic packages with these improvements to our Core package.

It’s a big one. October’s Product Improvements!

Hope you enjoyed your Halloween, folks! 🎃

We had a very feature-rich October that you will definitely benefit from. Ready?


Purchase Core packages online

We now let you purchase our on-demand core packages directly on the website (credit cards and bank deposits all accepted by our payment gateways Stripe and Paynamics)!


Click on your credits to top up.


Select Core

Select the Core package in the center to purchase Core.



Reply to Kalibrr messages from your e-mail

Reply to Kalibrr candidates message from your e-mail. We’ll forward it directly to the candidate so you can message directly from your e-mail! Convenient, huh?

Also candidates reply to an invite or message from you via their email and SMS too! Perfect whenever they’re on-the-go.


Reply to Kalibrr candidate messages from your e-mail inbox!


Faster job board and navigation for candidates

Our job board was revamped to be faster and simpler to use. Check it out! It also highlights featured jobs nicely. (Psst, if you’d like to be featured, email


Featured jobs now take up bigger ad space on the right-hand side.



Simpler navigation for candidates


Filter by Job Function on Profile Search

You guys told our support team you wanted it, sooo we built it: you can now filter by job function on Profile search!


Select the number of years of experience in the desired job function.


Search your candidate list easily!

Search Results

Search your own list of candidates


Unarchive Candidates

So if you accidentally archive someone, it’s A-OK!

Rejected Applicant Feature

You may unarchive candidates you’ve rejected by going to the Archive section of your pipeline.


Manage your careers page with Kalibrr!

Use Kalibrr to create your career page and manage all your recruitment in one platform. Learn how


More powerful Profile Search

Improved Profile Search matches you to the right candidate by automatically showing you relevant candidates on top (e.g., how well they match your job post criteria and how active they are on Kalibrr).


Unlimited private jobs  Premium Feature  

Premium users have an unlimited number of private job posts. Candidates applying to private jobs won’t be charged, so you can use all of our tools for your entire recruitment processes by using private job postsLearn how


Download Excel files with assessment scores and custom questions  Premium Feature 

Our Premium export report tool was upgraded and now includes assessment scores and custom questions. You can also download your In Sourcing list of candidates.


Search candidates by assessment ratings  Assessment 

Search our entire database by assessment ratings. Wow, this is really powerful!


Select assessment ratings and filter our entire database in one click!


Other Things

  • We added an FAQ on the Pricing Page
  • When you’ve seen an application, we tell candidates that their application has been seen so that they’re aware you’re working hard on reviewing their applications.
  • We added Certified Information Systems Auditor, Career Service Executive Eligibility (CSEE), Career Executive Service (CES), and other licenses to Licenses & Certification.
  • We added the government-mandated special leave for women (Magna Carta for Women, Section 18) under Perks & Benefits as suggested by a Kalibrr user.
  • We made private portals look like Discover Kalibrr pages (they’re prettier).
  • We’ve made it clearer that contact info on the job post is not allowed.
  • We’ve made SMS sending more reliable.
  • Updated our About page, Terms of Use, and added a Fair Use Policy.
  • We made additional user experience improvements to your jobs dashboard.

Bugs Resolved – Patch 2.3-2.7

  • The list of vocational courses is not used for those graduated from vocational school education type (the college field list is used instead)
  • New Candidate App Email button says Get Contact Details even for ATS only clients
  • User details are visible even when not purchased
  • Links from /advice or /blog should be allowed access to if it’s a public page
  • Confirm recruiter that they’ve been hired email shows an incorrect url
  • Some jobs don’t have recommended candidates showing
  • Return tracking for new job postings
  • Tagging system search does not work on recruiter side
  • The two-weeks-since-application email is not being sent
  • Messages icon is present when not logged in on the job board navigation bar
  • Inactive users are considered when looking for used domains upon recruiter sign up
  • Credit expiry computation is not being run sometimes
  • Resending SMSes fails sometimes
  • Grader feature is a blank page when candidate has another exam that is non-gradeable
  • Missing icons in FontAwesome
  • Login button is hidden on the homepage if screen is tablet size
  • The pricing page is not mobile responsive
  • Mass Archive to Rejected button does not work
  • Export Report does not work
  • Cannot signup via Facebook on iPhone 5 v8.4
  • Confirm Password looks misaligned on mobile (iPhone 5 iOS)
  • Job Function redundant item: “Accounting/Finance” and “Accounting and Finance”
  • Footer link to Quezon City jobs on the job board is broken
  • On job post editor, scrolling down to the bottom makes the footer sticky
  • No location present on Discover Kalibrr list of jobs
  • On profile search, whole batch send fails when at least one user has invalid mobile number
  • Job board sometimes fails when you have a past search
  • Recommendations e-mails were not sent out
  • Location list on mobile job board is dirty
  • Job board items don’t appear in alphabetical order on mobile
  • After clicking Save and Continue on the job post editor on mobile, it should load at the top of the page. Now it just loads the next page in the same position.
  • In the match settings page, the salary field is always unpopulated even if you already have a salary setting
  • Long job post skills tag sometimes extends beyond the job post
  • On the candidate card, work history entry display is too long
  • Android Chrome issues
  • Empty section appears in recommended jobs
  • Kalibrr Quickstart (and all product pages) are not mobile responsive at all
  • Subheading text color is off in Safari
  • PHP2,500/PHP5,000 select on the top up flow has disappeared
  • Intercom icon covers up the continue button on job post editor
  • The homepage is not properly formatted
  • Performance improved and security issues resolved.