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Notable Examples of Employer Branding on Social Media

Notable Examples of Employer Branding on Social Media

By Braulio Giron, Jr. on October 10, 2019

Using social media to highlight your qualities as an employer is a low-lift approach that can yield significant results, as attested by its being done by even the biggest brands

Social media. It’s abhorred by few, adored by many, and used in one way, shape, or form by just about everyone. 

In fact, according to global creative agency We Are Social and social media management platform Hootsuite, there are 3.48 billion social media users in the world at the beginning of 2019, increasing by 9-percent or 288 million more from the year prior. The Philippines accounts for 76 million of those active social media users and is also tops the world in terms of time spent on soc med platforms, averaging 9 hours and 29 minutes in early 2018 to 10 hours and 2 minutes by 2019.

With that said, you’ve likely read or heard about how you should exert more effort into the social media promotion of your employer brand to make the most of these numbers, but not being told of a definitive way to go about it. 

Unfortunately, it is not an exact science. But what it is is trial and error, and can be done with using too many resources. What’s most needed are creative and social media savvy minds behind the initiative, as well as the patience to consistently be active online, and the mindfulness to recognize what does and doesn’t work, the new trends that continue to emerge, and what target audiences want.

So what type of content should your company publish on social media to stand out among competitor employers? The following are some best practices you can follow, with examples of social media posts made by some known companies.


Feature your employees

Featuring employees is a tried and tested way of doing employer branding, as there are no other people more qualified to attest to a company being an ideal employer than those who work in it. 

Have your employees share their personal stories, because these will make also make it easy for potential candidates to see what type of people you are looking for.

Example: Aboitiz

The Aboitiz Group of Companies is the collective name of Aboitiz Equity Ventures and the subsidiaries under the holding company, which includes Aboitiz Land, Inc. and Union Bank of the Philippines.

Aboitiz has Facebook and Instagram pages dedicated to careers and employees in the company called Aboitiz Careers where they, among other things, feature testimonials from their employees.

Notable Examples of Employer Branding on Social Media - Aboitiz


Their employee testimonial shown above not only managed to show how the company is a great place to work in, but that it also offers a substantial amount of learning and growth opportunities for a lengthy career.


Showcase your office and workspace

Life at a company is best embodied by its offices and workspaces, and presenting your’s via photos and video tours is an effective way to give potential job candidates a glimpse of how every day can indeed be like when working with or for you.

You need not have the gaudiest of offices to do this, as most applicants simply want to get a preview of the place which they’ll be spending a lot of their time. So the yoga studio or beer pong table is not necessary, but of course a very welcome sight.

Example: Accenture

A Fortune 500 company that provides services in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations, Accenture is a multinational brand incorporated in Dublin, Ireland and operates in the United States, India, and the Philippines.

Given that they have multiple offices in the aforementioned countries, Accenture’s workspaces are often featured on their official social media accounts.

Notable Examples of Employer Branding on Social Media - Accenture


This particular post of the company is a good example of how to showcase an impressive workspace, but also being authentic  about it as what is featured is an actual area that is being used, proving that it is a real facility and not just some showroom made for photo opportunities.


Highlight your company culture 

Of course, a great workspace does not amount to much without a great work culture, making it important that you send a consistent message that yours is indeed characterized by trust, collaboration, team spirit, and continuous support.

The best company cultures are founded on positive relationships with colleagues, managers and company leaders, and are a key reason why candidates choose a job over others.

Example: is a financial services platform in Southeast Asia that provides consumers with direct access to banking and digital payment services, including local and international remittances, mobile air-time, bill payments, game credits, and online shopping.

While the company has built one of the Philippines’s largest cash distribution networks, operating through over 33,000 partner locations domestically and over 500,000 locations worldwide, it continues to exude a culture of collaboration more typical of startups.

Notable Examples of Employer Branding on Social Media -


You can highlight your company culture even in non-work related content, such as when posted about its Engineering Team taking a trip to Batangas for collaborative team-building activities.


Be proud of your awards

While product or service credibility is admittedly not easy to build, it can be argued that credibility as an employer can be a little tougher. Industries can prove to be small, and one negative review about your company can spread fast and last long in the workforce.

This, among others, is a good reason to highlight every award and certification your company receives. Recognition, especially from other organizations, can go far in building your credibility as a company and employer, and its ‘official’ nature holds considerably more weight than a disgruntled employee or candidate’s negative review.

Example: ABS-CBN

ABS-CBN Corporation, commonly known as ABS-CBN, is widely recognized as the Philippines' largest entertainment and media conglomerate in terms of revenue, operating and net income, assets, equity, market capitalization, and number of employees.

Despite its stature in the media industry, and in the country in general, the company is known to not rest on its laurels and continues to take the opportunities to improve all aspects of its business. 

Notable Examples of Employer Branding on Social Media - ABS-CBN


Last year, the company was recognized to have Top Performing Recruitment Team at the Kalibrr Client Appreciation Night. This post worked because despite often earning accolades on the media side of things already, the company gave due recognition to the work of their recruitment team who are mostly ‘behind the scenes’.


Make mention of your employee perks

Competition for qualified candidates is tight, and it helps to make the most of every advantage you can offer. While you and your competitors might offer similar salaries, the employee perks (along with workspace and culture) is what can tip the scales in your favor.

With that said, if your company offers notable employee perks, it's advisable to highlight these regularly. Aside from letting candidates know of the benefits they’ll get from being part of your team, the market will generally see you as an employer that takes care of its people as much as it can.

Example: Healthy Options

Established in 1995, Healthy Options is the first and largest all-natural and organic products retailer in the Philippines. Specializing in premium and natural food and health products, the company now has over 30 stores nationwide and counting.

Healthy Options also has an in-house magazine, Healthy Options Lifestyle News Digest, geared towards helping readers with health advice and product information. For employees and job candidates, the company has Healthy Options on Facebook and Instagram.

Notable Examples of Employer Branding on Social Media - Healthy Options


Along with jobs and testimonials, Healthy Options Careers also features the events made for or attended by employees, as well as what is part of and how they spend their monthly product allowance provided by the company.


Emphasize your mission

Every company has a mission, and it’s important to consistently distinguish how your company differs from others and detail how it is integrated into your culture and daily practices. 

By continuously emphasizing your company’s mission, potential job candidates not only realize that you are not only making a statement for the sake of marketing, but are inviting them to join you in your business initiative/s.

Example: Generation HOPE

Generation HOPE is a social enterprise that creates and sells products that allow customers to make a social impact with every purchase they make. The most popular of these is “Hope in a Bottle” or HIB, which is purified bottled drinking water sold at retail, the profit of which is donated to help build public school classrooms across the Philippines.

The organization was founded by film actress, TV host, model, philanthropist, and business person Nanette Medved-Po.

Notable Examples of Employer Branding on Social Media - Generation HOPE


While Medved-Po is well-known because of her career in entertainment, what makes HOPE’s post above effective because there is accountability to the company’s mission because there is a face behind it which both customers and job candidates can identify with.


So there you have it. Your people, your workspace, your culture, your awards, the employee perks you offer, and your mission, are some of the easiest things to feature on social media and help you with your employer branding.

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