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Examples of Great EVP Statements From the World's Top Companies

Examples of Great EVP Statements From the World's Top Companies

By Braulio Giron, Jr. on September 25, 2019

An Employer Value Proposition statement, which represents why talent chooses one company over others, can be challenging to define. So don't be shy to take cues from some of the world’s successful companies when developing your own

At its most basic, an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) statement describes what employees get in return for the skills, experience, and other competencies they bring to a company.  It summarizes the characteristics, benefits, and ways of working in an organization, and serves as the “agreement” between the company and employee in return for the latter’s contribution and performances. Externally, it also characterizes the company and helps differentiate it from its competitors.


Choosing One Employer Over Another

An aspect of the overall employer brand, an EVP statement is essential when competing for talent. For example, when an employee is choosing between employers who offer similar wages and benefits, a notable one is what may ultimately help the qualified candidate choose one employer over the other.

According to various research, when candidates eventually decide on a job offer, the key consideration for them is how the company would impact their career advancement and how stimulating the job will be. Turns out it’s not always about the money after all. 

A great EVP statement can best convey what benefit a company offers an employee, while delivering on it as promised also eventually helps retain employees and keep them engaged. At its core, an EVP statement answers the question “What’s in it for me?” for current and potential employees.


Developing an EVP

Developing a strong EVP matters because it is the foundation of your brand and your company’s external recruiting and internal retention efforts.  Now, while it’s tempting to form random value propositions into a catchy statement and have it placed on your social media pages or have stencilled beside your office logo for everyone to see, it is important to make sure it still reflects the values that are actually embodied in your workplace.

For example, if an EVP can talk about how much the employees enjoy working for the company, but the statement has actual employees rolling their eyes at it; or, it tells of how it cultivates a family atmosphere, but is then reputed to not properly cover its employees’ government mandated benefits; then the EVP is evidently to the contrary and needs to be revised. Or discarded altogether.

Current and future employees are the best advocates for a brand, but in turn will not buy into that role if the statement is not in line with what they observe or experience. With that, an EVP’s development always begins internally, being tested on current employees before being marketed to potential hires.

While something of an arduous process, surveying employees should be considered when crafting an EVP, not necessarily to only uncover negatives, but also to discover and isolate the positives. Asking current employees about what they love about the company is almost always the ideal starting point when crafting a strong EVP statement.


EVP Examples From Some of the World’s Most Recognized Companies

The fundamental question asked when crafting an EVP is “what do we offer our employees in exchange for their time and effort?”, and as their needs and what they offer evolves, so too does the EVP. 

Even some of the world’s most recognizable brands didn’t hit home runs with their initial EVP statements. And, even when some of them did, they eventually had to redevelop it to keep up with the times and remain relevant with the increasingly competitive job market.

The following are some notable EVP statements that have been utilized by major companies to separate themselves from not only their competitors within their respective industries, but also other significant brands whom they have to compete with in terms of branding and for talent.


“From empowering mentorships to customized coaching, PwC provides you with the support you need to help you develop your career. You’ll work with people from diverse backgrounds and industries to solve important problems. Are you ready to grow?”

~ PwC


“Do cool things that matter.”

~ Google


“We believe in treating each other with respect. We cultivate a culture that recognizes the individuality and contributions of each of our employees, helping them to become productive and responsible members of society.”

~ San Miguel Corporation


“We’re building a company people love. A company that will stand the test of time, so we  invest in our people and optimize for your long-term happiness.”

~ HubSpot


“We lead. We invent. We deliver. We use the power of sport to move the world.” 

~ Nike


“We’re Shopify. Our mission is to make commerce better for everyone – but we’re not the workplace for everyone. We thrive on change, operate on trust, and leverage the diverse perspectives of people on our team in everything we do. We solve problems at a rapid pace. In short, we get shit done.” 

~ Shopify


“Lead the future of Beauty. When you love your work and the people you work with, amazing things can happen.”

~ L’Oreal


“Our role is to bring innovation to people everywhere to progress around the world. We take pride in fostering a winning, innovative, inclusive employee culture. We also take calculated risks and we celebrate big victories when they pay off.”

~ Dell


The examples above hopefully prove helpful in your development of your own official EVP. Once decided upon, experts recommend it be shared with new hires and job candidates, as well as current employees, and they in turn will help communicate the value the company offers to others.

Experts also emphasize the importance of reviewing the EVP/s regularly to ensure relevance. This can be achieved by asking questions related to the EVP when employees join or leave the company, during their performance reviews, and by running periodical employee surveys that provide ongoing data about how they identify with the company and its EVP statement.


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