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Kalibrr Visits HR Learning Session of Max’s Group, Inc.

Kalibrr Visits HR Learning Session of Max’s Group, Inc.

By Braulio Giron, Jr. on June 17, 2019

For the June session of it’s monthly HR gathering, the largest casual dining restaurant company in the Philippines invited Kalibrr Co-Founder and CEO Paul Rivera to share his insights on attracting young professionals and winning the ensuing war for talent

Last June 6, the human resources and recruitment associates, executives, and interns of Max’s Group, Inc. gathered at the conference room of their corporate office in Makati City for the company’s monthly HR learning session. The company behind successful brands like Max’s Restaurant, Jamba Juice, and Yellow Cab Pizza invited Kalibrr Co-Founder and CEO Paul Rivera to speak at this month’s session and share some of his insights regarding the latest generation of talent and the continued competition for qualified professionals.

Paul shared how companies of Max’s stature don’t really have a problem getting the attention of applicants, given their name-recognition coming from being a popular consumer brand. Instead, the challenge is in how to retain the best talent. He also shared tips about organizational development, particularly being able to build a company that can accommodate the different ways people work these days.

You need a strategic workforce strategy that addresses various needs and preferences, an example of which is employees being able to work remotely, working as consultants, or working with a flexible schedule. The best talent has a lot of options. The best talent can shop their skills. So you need to design organizations that are flexible and adaptable, and can bring in the best talent by aligning with what they need and what can help them succeed the most in their roles.”

Rivera also provided insight on how well-known companies can leverage their brand to attract and retain employees without always competing via compensation.

You’re now operating in a very ‘skills-scarce’ environment, because Filipinos can be hired anywhere, be it the Philippines, Singapore, or the U.S. We have a great reputation to be good contributors and are among the most employable in the global workforce. Because of this, you’re basically competing for this talent at the global level. Obviously, you can’t always compete through salary, but you can still provide employees value through different benefits.”

When I worked at Google, I had access to all these benefits at other companies, all at little cost to my employer. So like them, everyone knows and loves your brand, and you can leverage the partnerships you have to establish employee benefit programs. This can be easy loan access, health benefits, stock options, and is only limited by what your partners offer.”

To close out the session, he answered questions from the professionals in attendance, among them an executive who had already experienced using Kalibrr at her previous company, and asked Rivera to discuss how the platform helps save HR professionals from spending too much time on ‘low-impact’ tasks like sorting and reviewing resumes, and allowing them to focus more on actually getting to know qualified job candidates.

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